Mago4 for global market

2016, July 1st: Mago4 is fully operative on the international stage, to expand your business horizons!

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As you know Mago4 meets any need of globalization, with features able to support full international localizations. Mago4 is indeed an ERP designed in a international perspective, because it speaks several languages, manages the foreign currency and adapts to different tax regulations.

You can immediately catch the advantages of this global opening: starting from July, 1st, Mago4 is officially available for the international market, complete with all functional localization for Brazil, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Hungary.

Likewise, the languages currently available are Portuguese, German / Swiss, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.

Rely on Mago4 to manage by now your business in the international arena: the location for the country selected is activated during the installation of Mago4 ... and everything is easier.

Not by chance, Mago4 is present across national boundaries with over 200 installations, 60 resellers and a number of joint venture between Italian Resellers and Foreign Partners to offer customized solutions.

Contact your reference reseller for more information.

Einvoicing 2016

1 August 2016: new tests will be performed on files sent; starting from 2017 B2B e-invoicing will be encouraged.

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Even the electronic invoicing procedures evolve and flow format to be sent is progressively refined according to the criticalities emerging between PA and suppliers.

This is why starting from 05.09.2016 is in force the release 1.2 of the checks carried out on files sent to the Interchange System (whose specifications are available on the government website dedicated to the invoicing PA).

This version will be fully phased from August 1 and introduces a series of checks on the data present in the file transmitted to the Interchange System. To allow the necessary compliance with the new system of checks, up to July 31, 2016 the failure to pass one or more of such new inspections do not result in the rejection of the file, but only a report that will be reported in the delivery receipt or non-delivery notification. Since August 1, 2016 files that do not pass one or more of these controls will be discarded.

The new regime will carry out a series of additional controls, including, in particular, the integrity test - to ensure the document was not altered after the signature - the verification of authenticity of the signature certificate, based on information provided by the "Certification Authorities", the check of conformity of the invoice format. Furthermore, it will be also controlled the validity of the content of the bill, to detect the presence of the necessary data for the proper forward of the document to the addressee and to prevent situations of incorrect and / or non-processable data, the uniqueness of the invoice, in order to intercept an accidental re - sending, dimensions and nomenclature of the file.

In Mago are set up special tests on various types of cases reported by the Tax Agency. The outcome of audits confirmed that your ERP is already aligned to the new rules because it is able - via the E-Invoicing Module of Mago, connected to Fatel and Fatel WEB Zucchetti solutions -, to manage the necessary control, thus complying with the latest version of the controls required to bill the PA.

That's not all: there is another issue to be considered carefully, which will be a "hot" topic in the coming months in the B2B field. We are talking about the Electronic Invoice between enterprises, another step towards the digitalization of the country. The Decree on B2B Electronic Invoicing provides, with effect from 1 January 2017 and on a voluntary basis, the electronic transmission of data to the Tax Agency of all invoices issued and received.

The adoption of electronic invoicing in the relationships between enterprises, alongside the one, already mandatory, for the PA, will not be formally compulsory, but will be strongly encouraged. Those who choose to make use of electronic invoicing between private, in fact, should be facilitated in the electronic transmission and could combine commercial and fiscal notice. For them would be abolished formalities such as tax communication and the reporting of operations with Black List countries and the INTRA models related to purchases of goods and services, expensive and unwelcome obligations that burden on the operations of enterprises. The taxpayer, then, would get faster VAT refunds.

Being up to date is easy: you simply have to rely on tools specifically designed to generate electronic invoices in a few steps, right from your Mago ERP software . Thanks to the connection with the E-invoicing services by Zucchetti, you can always rely on an efficient and updated resource.

New Tools module

With the latest release the Manufacturing area of Mago4 ERP is enhanced by the new Tools module.

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The definition of Tools means the equipment and instruments in the company, used to perform the necessary operations to create the BOM.

The Tools module of Mago4 allows you to survey and monitor the status of various equipment, to control their use and manage their maintenance, quickly and completely.

In Mago, through the Tools Master Data, you can now enter all the technical information necessary to manage instrumentation, and also group similar tools in one or more families of Tools.

By associating a tool (or a family) to an Operation, you can automatically connect it to the Bill and the Production Orders so that it can be used automatically during the production process. Thanks to the full integration with the different production procedures and the Tools Analysis system, you can check at any time whether a tool is in use, and for which machining operation: the update of quantities and actual usage time is automatic.

To help you quickly manage master data and maintenance of the tool, you have also different procedures that allow you to automatically perform different operations: through the Tools Management you can in fact easily generate, replace and dispose of one or more tools. This procedure is perfectly integrated with the warehouse and, if the tool is linked to an article, you can automatically align inventory and tools master data.

With the procedures of Tools Review and Reconditioning you can plan and execute all the necessary inspections and periodic maintenance; finally, you have a number of management reports which enable easy control and monitoring operations.

Full integration with the production process, monitoring and control of use, and automatic updating of the quantity or the actual operating time: all these, and many more are the advantages of the new Tools module.

The module has as prerequisite the features of Mago4 Advanced Manufacturing: to learn more please contact your reference dealer .

Good reasons to migrate to Mago4

Everything at your fingertips = everything under control. It is simple, is not it ?!

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In Mago4 data, information and objects are clearly visible and can be managed easily and quickly. Compared to, the menu items are greatly simplified, to help you keep everything under control.

Some examples can be seen in Administrative Area, where the rationalization of procedures results in significant benefits to the user both in terms of input speed and record control.

Compared to, also the reports are organized on video, to ensure control and immediacy.

Another new element introduced in Mago4 are the status - tiles, specially designed markers to keep an eye on procedures and documents in Supply Chain, Production and Accounting area. The tiles are status indicators graphically rendered as small progressive bars, that allow you to check at a glance situations like the progress of the articles to be produced, the issue and execution of orders, the management of credits, the status of documents, the events related to electronic invoicing, and more.

In Manufacturing area are now available specific reports and procedures for the material production, to know exactly where the material is located, both for external and internal workings. As for traceability, if in the article was originally available only in the area logistics and accounting, with Mago4 you can now trace it even starting from the production documents.

Advantages do not end there: the simplification carried out by shifting from to Mago4 is crucial not only to lighten operations, but also to have everything under control.

Find out on the blog all the very good reasons to migrate from to Mago4, the ERP specifically designed for you!


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