10 reasons to move to Mago4 - 6th

Your Mago4 ERP adopts a flexible delivery model to meet everyone's needs.

Edited by Marketing Department

In the moment you decide to adopt a new technology for your business, you need maximum flexibility.

This is why Mago4 made a step further also in distribution methods.

With Mago4 you can choose the delivery model that best suits your business, whatever it is: Mago4 adopts an elastic model, able to adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Choose between the different modes of delivery of Mago4: the classic activation Licensing On Premise or Pay Per Use, is now flanked by the mode of installation on a server farm: Cloud For Mago, Saas - Software As A Service & Paas - Platform as a Service. Please contact with confidence to your reference dealer to evaluate the most suitable and convenient solution for your Company!

As you can see, even with Mago4 the delivery mode is an advantage to be seized.

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