File XML payment orders

Recently, two procedures for Mago4 have been developed, dedicated to the Swiss and Hungarian localizations and able to generate the ISO 20022 XML files for the payment orders.

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XML is becoming the international standard in the transmission of telematic files. The XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a modular meta-language that allows you to define other formats and manage the exchange of information of data structures across different devices and platforms. Allowing to describe other languages, XML is able to create custom structures.

The electronic payment files created for suppliers may have different formats based on XML. In payments to suppliers, the XML files are generally taking the directives of the international standard ISO20022 SEPA format.

In this regard, Mago4 has recently made available the procedures for printing the payments to suppliers on XML files, for Hungary and Switzerland.

Specifically, in Hungarian localization, the files for SEPA credit transfers to suppliers are generated according to specifications issued by the Hungarian SEPA Association, which slightly differ from the ISO20022 standard, both because the base currency of the country is not Euro, but the Hungarian forint (HUF), and because payments in other currency are allowed in the file.

In the Swiss localization of Mago4, the introduction of SEPA ISO20022 functionality in payment orders to suppliers has been realized in cooperation with PostFinance, the Swiss financial institution that provided the documentation for the Swiss SEPA, thus enabling us to test the Mago4 XML file. The XML file is generated for all types of payment in Switzerland, and it is not limited just to bank transfers.

In the same Swiss localization, Mago4 will see in the future the adjustment to XML format even for files related to collections through PVR bulletin, the standard payment slip for incoming payment processes.

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16 November 2016


new websites

In addition to ERP Mago4, also the TBS development platform and TBF framework have now their own dedicated web sites, available in the international version.

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Find out all the information, news and materials related to Mago4 suite on the product websites recently published!

On you will discover all the tools to manage the ERP resources according to established procedures, solid and deeply secure, optimizing and rationalizing the processes and ERP applications, and you will also deepen more specific topics such as those related to TaskBuilder Framework technology. Discover all the features, functionality and benefits of TBF, the application base created to allow you to develop new projects.

But that's not all: even the website dedicated to TaskBuilder Studio is online. The platform designed to create flexible and robust ERP and Business applications is introduced on the website, explaining the benefits and giving a look to the architecture of the product. Of course it is not missing an insight on TBS platform capabilities, of which are declined both editions: TBS Personal and TBS Developer Edition.

Like, both sites follow criteria of essentiality, relying on a cool and clean graphic, with information clearly available and the possibility to request more information at your fingertips.

Consultation is intuitive and browsing is pleasant and relaxing, even via mobile: the responsive web design adapts the layout to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have content and information within reach.

What are you waiting for? Explore all the websites of the product family of Mago4, discover its descriptions, advantages, features and technology!

Have good surfing on the websites dedicated to Mago4 suite.

Zucchetti Store

On you can now buy online services such as temporal mark, digital signature and certified e-mail.

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Since October, 2016, Zucchetti, an authorized recording organization and Certification Authority approved by the Agency for Italy's Digitalization (AgID), allows you to get online the fiduciary services, directly from Zucchetti's ecommerce site. By accessing the marketplace - the digital platform dedicated to 'consumer' target - you can buy digital signature, temporal mark and certified electronic mail (italian PEC).

The opportunity to purchase these services on the dedicated marketplace comes after the same company has been recognized by AGID as trusted Certification Authority: Zucchetti fiduciary services are now available 'on demand' for all users that require a digital signature and temporal mark, just for personal documents, making the process as simple and fast possible.

Companies and professional firms that require a complete electronic management of documents and their digital preservation, or have more complex needs such as 'massive' functions, and the functionalities integrated in Zucchetti applications processes (massive certified e-mail, automatic digital signature etc.), can refer to Zucchetti and partners in traditional ways., however, will not be limited to the current offering, because the goal is to more and more increase the range of solutions available on the digital store, to meet the needs of the "consumer" market and sustain the traditional channel with a new sales model.

10 good reasons to migrate to Mago4

An ERP solution that encourages your growth, even abroad.

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Does your business look ahead? If the answer is yes, then you will find that Mago4 offers all the technology to evolve. Mago4 is the ERP solution that supports and fosters your business goals; it is a real engine for the development of the company.

Mago4 easily adapts to new processes and business lines, and it is able to scale to meet new requirements as they arise, without sacrificing performance or impact on your initial IT investment.

If your business is aiming to expand on international markets, Mago4 is really the solution for you! is already an international ERP, but with Mago4 its foundations have been intensively strengthened, to accommodate the highly international vocation of your ERP and allow companies to open themselves to any foreign localization.

With Mago4, natively designed for internationalization, you are on the international market thanks to the strong and strategic localized support both at functional and linguistic level, as well as on the regulatory, fiscal and currency field. For instance, you will find that all documents for foreign countries can be printed in the target language; if the specific language is not included in Mago4, the default language will still be English.

Mago4 is the right way to grow your business, in every sector and in every country.

There are still many good reasons to move to Mago4! Please continue reading our blog in order to find them all!


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