Mago4 1.3

Let's briefly explore the latest release of Mago4, containing many improvements designed to increase efficiency in all sectors.

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The latest release of your ERP Mago4 includes interesting news for each business area, and particularly with regard to new themes available for the user interface, the electronic invoicing to Public Administration and B2B billing, the new features of TESAN connector (to dialogue with the Zucchetti solution for data transmission to the health card system), new methods of valuation and costing in Manufacturing area, new features for Brazilian localization (Credit Limit Management module, picking list, tax note via Magic Link).

A special mention, however, is a must for the integrations and refinements developed both for integrations between Infinity Zucchetti and Mago4, and the application I.Mago.

The management system for the massive synchronization process has surely to be underlined in this context. Starting from the changes made in Mago4, the new incremental logic allows you to update data in I.Mago and Infinity operating only on items that have been modified since the last synchronization (think for instance to the update of tax codes in the customer master data).

With the Mago4 1.3 release, we also find the expansion of the data synchronized from Mago to Infinity CRM (such as data relating to the area manager of the agents) and also the increase of the attachements to the documents concerned by the sync (just to mention a couple of examples: Sale Orders and Purchase Orders).

In terms of integration with Infinity DMS, a number of documents are imported along with their detailed information (folder and attributes), thus completing the documentary profile of Infinity DMS.

Last, but surely not the least of the features introduced with Mago4 1.3, is the new Status Bar on the Infinity document form. It is an indicator of the sync state of data from Mago4 to Infinity and vice versa, indicating through flags of different colors its progress and providing information about the type of synchronization (eg if it is massive, punctual etc. ..).

As you can imagine, in this post we have only mentioned some of the many improvements in this release, but the news are so many that it is impossible to analyze them all herein!

To know all the details we suggest you to read the specific reports available on Microarea portal (MyMago4 section, Private Area).

We also recommend you to download the 1.3 release of Mago4 by requiring the intervention of your reference Dealer. As always, the download is free for those who have subscribed and maintained active the Live Update service (M.L.U.). If your M.L.U. has expired, please call us at 800-012573 and discover how to be always up to date.

19 December 2016


Website I.Mago

It is now online the website dedicated to I.Mago, that offers you all the information on the extended functionality of the application.

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As you know, I.Mago is the new extended ERP, born from the union between Mago4 ERP and Infinity Zucchetti, the web software suite for fully digital company.

The ERP Mago4 is in fact enriched by Infinity features in Business collaboration to foster communication, sharing and collaboration within and outside the company, Document Management to create a fully digital document library, and Customer Relationship Management to know your client, catalog them, carry out promotional actions and trace the related commercial activities.

I.Mago is available in four modules configurations, to suit your needs and grow along with your company: find them on the website.

In addition to all the features, modules and functions, on the website you will find everything you need to know about I.Mago, thanks to the availability of information and the gallery of images.

Find out your extensive, powerful, collaborative and digital ERP: browse now I.Mago website!

5 December 2016


Mago4 Ready for Windows

The ERP Mago4 has been included in the Microsoft directory that lists solution providers and software declared fully compatible with Windows 10.

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Microsoft has recently prepared a special website to collect and give visibility to the most popular solutions that are already fully running on Windows 10.

On the website Ready for Windows, Microsoft ISV partners can in fact certify their applications to be compatible with Windows 10, and business customers have the possibility to verify that the applications in daily use are certified to run on Windows 10.

Thanks to the availability of a list of certified Ready for Windows software providers, users can indeed run applications on Windows 10 with the certainty of being fully supported in this choice.

After the testing and validation process by Microsoft, the Mago4 ERP software entered by right in the Ready for Windows directory: you can thus operate with confidence on Windows 10, knowing that the ERP solution upon which you rely is fully certified in its Windows compatibility.

You can then rely on innovation, reliability and superior compatibility, combined with support for the whole life cycle of Mago4 application, through the widest range of devices and browsers, from a single development platform.

Moreover Microarea, the software house that develops the ERP Mago4, has been recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Partner Application Development thanks to its expertise and its constant commitment to provide services and solutions of the highest level based on the Microsoft platform.

In order to find out more information and view the directory, please visit the Microsoft Ready for Windows page.


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