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It's on line the new Zucchetti website dedicated to electronic invoicing

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Electronic invoicing is not only an obligation: e-invoicing represents an opportunity to save up to 80% on the billing process.

The most immediate and direct positive effect of e-invoicing is certainly linked to the streamlining of the procedure: companies increase their efficiency, accountants and trade associations can provide a service to customers. Remember that, while electronic invoicing to the Public Administrations is obligatory, in Italy the e-invoicing between private is encouraged through tax benefits introduced by the recent Decrees.

Relying on an experienced technology partner is crucial: this is why thousands of companies and professionals rely on Zucchetti to electronically manage the billing flow. Zucchetti's Electronic Invoicing software helps you to automate the entire process, from creation to digital conservation.

To help you choose the solution most suitable for your business between the different options, Zucchetti has recently published a website completely dedicated to electronic invoicing.

Please access to find updated information material such as brochures and white papers, explore the possibilities of integration, the benefits and the different types of services on which to rely on.

Visit http://fatturaelettronica.zucchetti.it .

SP1 for Mago4 1.3

The latest Mago4 Service Pack includes various tax adjustments dedicated to Italy, a connector and new dictionaries.

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Many of the improvements made by the Service Pack 1 of Mago4 1.3 concern tax matters, implementing some changes to regulations.

Among others, a Mago4 adjustment updates the procedure for 2017 single certification. On 01.16.2017, the Tax Agency has in fact minimally changed both models and the layout of the file to be sent; the deadline for submission is March 7, 2017. Mago4 is aligned with these provisions, making it possible to generate the file to be sent to the Agency with the corresponding prints. In addition, in the table of VAT Return data, Mago4 1.3.1 updates the panels allowing you to extract the data required to complete the VAT Form 2017 (tax period: year 2016).

Tax Agency has also approved the new letters of intent template, mandatory from March 1, 2017, that the habitual exporters should use for purchases exempt from VAT. Traders will have to pre-determine the amount of the operations they intend to carry out with regard of each supplier, declare the reference year and type of product or service to be purchased and, if the declaration relates to a single operation, specify its amount . Mago4 automatically changes the template used for the printing of the Declaration of Intent according to the declaration date (whether or not earlier the 03/01/2017).

The improvements of the last Mago4 SP also fallen on the management of the extension of super depreciation at 140% for the tax period 2017 - confirmed by the Law of Stability 2017 - as well as the so-called "digital bonus", the hyper depreciation at 250% introduced by the same law for investment in research, development and innovation. This new facilitation is linked to the purchase of goods that "promote the technological and / or digital transformation processes in the concept of Industry 4.0" and allows you to benefit from the super amortization for software, that were previously excluded from the tax advantage. Therefore, in Mago4 the control of validity date of the purchase document for the "Extra tax deduction" assets ends on 31.12.2017; in the Master Data of Intangible assets it has been added the management of the "Extra tax deduction" field; the check of the related purchase document validity date starts on 01.01.2017. With the report "Extra tax deduction asset" is now possible to print also the intangible assets.

Concerning financial statements, it was published the new Taxonomy of capital enterprises that prepare their financial statements according to the provisions of the Civil Code: 11.14.2016 taxonomy is in force since 1 January 2017 and compulsory for financial statements closed on 31.12.2016 or after, approved in the Assembly from 03.01.2017. With Mago4 1.3.1 you can now download the new Taxonomy without updating the program. Even the mapping of Bilancio&Oltre is now suitable to the current legislation. Even the Basel 2 Analysis procedure was updated and now allows you to generate a new Excel spreadsheet based on the new budget reclassification schemes in force since 2016.

Mago4 1.3.1 integrates fully with AGO (the Zucchetti accounting and tax software for all of Accountants and business associations), using a special path that allows the data transition from the Mago4 ordinary accounting/simplified AGO accounting, and vice versa. Thanks to the new AGO Connector module you can then transmit the accounting movements to the accountant who carries out the tax statements and communications on behalf of the company. You just need to prepare the parameters in AGO to start exporting the accounting movements from Mago4: the procedure analyzes the movements to be transferred and requires all missing combinations, such as the correspondence to the sub-account in AGO and / or VAT code, before generating the file to be sent to the accountant.

And last, but certainly not least, the French and Spanish dictionaries are now available for all modules, thus confirming the international vocation of your ERP. To learn more, please read the release notes in the Private Area.

As you know, the Mago4 1.3.1 SP1 download is free for those whose Live Update Service (M.L.U.) is active. If your M.L.U. has expired, please contact our International Sales Department and discover how be up to date. Remember that it is always recommended to download the service pack Mago4 requiring the intervention of your reference Reseller.

13 February 2017


I.Mago Studio

The web application I.Mago Studio provides you total and continuous adaptation to your needs in exchanging and synchronizing the data of I.Mago.

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I.Mago Studio is the tool designed to manage in a customized way the data flow of I.Mago.

As you know, I.Mago is the application that puts Mago4 in communication with the world of Infinity Zucchetti and that represents an enrichment and an extension of your ERP: a large collaborative environment that enhances Mago4 functionality thanks to the collaboration features of Infinity Application Framework, Infinity DMS and CRM Infinity Zucchetti.

Although I.Mago was already very rich in functionality, now it's even better to provide you endless customizations and a constant two-way dialogue between Mago4 and Infinity.

With I.Mago Studio you can organize as you best prefer the flow of data provided by I.Mago synchronization engine: you can expand the amount of synchronized data, increase their typology diversification, and be sure that the customizations and specific vertical for Mago4 and / or Infinity will perfectly match to each other.

Technically, the new I.Mago Studio is a real development environment, equipped with a synchronization engine in native web technology that makes it suitable for all operating systems.

All the personalizations realized with I.Mago Studio are at hand: you just need to install the dedicated module I.Mago Custom Flows, that allows you to set in motion the custom flow designed with I.Mago Studio.

I.Mago Studio and I.Mago Custom Flows will be released in late March. For more information, please contact your dealer reference: you will discover that the exclusive I.Mago collaboration environment is really tailored to you!

M4 1.3.1 updates Brazil

Amongst the many improvements made by Service Pack 1 of Mago4 1.3, we find several updates specifically formulated for Brazilian market.

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Here is a brief preview about the enhancements provided by the last Mago4 Service Pack for the Brazilian localization.

In Financial - Accounting area, the main new feature refers to Payable & Receivable for Brazil country: check management has been extended in order to manage instances with an amount different than the total payment schedule. In this way allowances, interests and advances have been integrated with Check Receiving management: Check Receiving procedure allows to post possible negative discounts/allowances - if the check received is lower than the selected installment value - , or possible positive interests, or an advance-type payable/receivable, in the event that the received check amount is greater than the selected installment.

In Logistics Area, the Tax proposition system of Mago4 is now even more sophisticated. In fact the Operation Type in present in the Nota Fiscal Type has been added even in the General Tax Rule table: so, the Operation Type can now be set at rule level. The rule proposed on the Nota Fiscal row considers now the correspondence with the operation type set in the Nota Fiscal Type.

With Mago4 1.3.1 Sales Force Management module is released with special features for Brazilian localization; in the module, commissions are calculated according to Fiscal Note type and are visible and editable on Fiscal Note. On-collected commissions take into account the type of payment, by check based on their date of receipt or transfer.

News do not end there: if you want to learn more, please read the post dedicated to Mago4 1.3.1, soon on this blog, or see the release notes in the Private Area of Microarea website.


Reduce risks thanks to an ERP solution that protects your safety.

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The ERP system is the heart of the operation and activities of the company. Mago4 is an extremely open and integrated system, where the traditional solutions for data security, already present in Mago.net, have been strengthened.

Mago4 comes ready to handle the increasing number of points of access to business systems outside of traditional IT security perimeter, thanks to Security services with increasing safety levels.

By combining tasks to key roles within the company, the Mago4 interface is tailor-made based on the individual role, and this happens right from the home page.

So you have available a personalized operational tool according to individual preferences and different working styles, along with continuous monitoring regarding access to the most sensible data.

And you can manage your business with confidence.

With this post we arrived at the end of episodes dedicated to the top 10 reasons to switch from Mago.net to Mago4: find them all posted on this blog. If you also want to have an overview, in the Documentation section of this site you can find a brochure that summarizes all the points discussed on the blog. Download it now!

Remember: these are only 10 good reasons to move to the new Mago4 ERP ... there are many more just waiting to be experienced by you.


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