VAT communication

A new digital communication service allows you to align with legislation.

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As you already may know, the tax communication introduced by Italian Government with Legislative Decree 78/2010, in 2017 was replaced by a new tax compliance: the Analytic Communication of VAT Data (Decree Law 193/2016). This decree requires all VAT taxpayers to communicate to the Tax Agency data of the invoices issued and received, and information of the periodic VAT payments.

Delivery of data must be made in electronic format, every six months. The first deadline for 2017 is set at 31 May for the communication of the periodic payment of VAT data, and September 18 is the deadline for invoice data. In case of non-compliance, important sanctions are foreseen.

If you have activated the Tax and Multipurpose Communications Module of Mago4, this year you can still use it to send the 2017 Tax Communication (fiscal year 2016) to be carried out according to the same deadlines as the past years: April 10, 2017 for monthly VAT payers, April 20, 2017 for quarterly VAT payers.

And for the future? Do not worry: in order to respect the new 2017 tax compliance, Zucchetti offers you the new service Analytical Communication of VAT Data (italian CADI) designed to send VAT data to the Revenue Agency. It is an online service that can be activated with an annual fee. The service is fully integrated with your ERP, in order to automate and speed up the whole process of data sending. In the aame time you activate the service, you'll receive the cancellation for Tax and Multipurpose Communications module, no longer useful.

Remember, however, that the activation of the new CADI service requires technical time. To ensure a rapid start-up, it is therefore important to act quickly.

If you want to know more, you can read the note and book an appointment by filling out the form you find at this link: you will be contacted shortly by a consultant.

Food sector

The management of production processes in the food industry is a complex one: the choice of the software focuses on the solution that is able to better manage production.

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TRAXAL is the solution proposed by Zucchetti Group to handle any type of production in the food sector. The simplicity and flexibility are the key to success of TRAXAL that in fact boasts a first-class references park, as well as 15 years of experience in SMEs.

TRAXAL is able to deal with specific issues such as the connection with handheld terminals and readers barcode, scales and automatic weighing and labeling systems, the double measurement unit management, the extended lot traceability according to current regulations, the weight loss in the warehouse and decomposed bills of materials.

Applied to a greater extent in the meat industry, for the slaughter, processing, slicing and logistics, in the cured meat factory, TRAXAL also has specific functionalities for te dairies, solving specific issues such as turns of milk collection, connection with PLC governing system, seasoning stages and packaging. TRAXAL’s experience is solid also in the sector of gastronomy (fresh and stuffed pasta), in the processing of balsamic vinegar, in the fruit and vegetable quality control systems, in production cycles of freeze-dried and dietetic foods.

TRAXAL has particularly interesting modules, such as production and advanced logistics management, allowing you to computerize the distribution platforms of mass retail and ensuring food traceability, product data sheets management transposing European directives concerning nutritional data, allergens and the storage of certificates and labels. Also the measurement of Overall Equipment Effectivess indices (OEE) according to the Lean Manufacturing methodologies is managed by TRAXAL, that also provides the analysis of the real costs of production and the complete management of warehouse logistics.

The specific skills of the solution in production logics, automation and factory automation systems, together with the native opening of Mago4 to the dialogue with solutions for a variety of business needs, make TRAXAL predisposed to integrate with your ERP, expanding its efficiency with specific functionalities for food production.

To further deepen you can read the TRAXAL brochure; for more information please get in touch with your reference reseller.

14 March 2017


ceBIT 2017

Mago4 will be at CeBIT event, in Hanover from 20 to 24 March, at the Zucchetti booth.

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Zucchetti will take part in CeBIT, the global event for Digital Business, presenting solutions for ERP, HR, POS and access control, Identification & RFID.

CeBIT is the most important exhibition in the world dedicated to the IT world, a "barometer" for that sector. CeBIT is a unique event, that presents the digital transformation as a whole with concrete examples and best practices. cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, humanoid robots and virtual reality applications moving the boundaries between humans and technology: exhibitors and products able to offer new approaches to the Digital World will be present at CeBIT

Within the event, which has 200,000 participants, 450 Startup, 200+ speakers for five days of lectures, Mago4 will be present as an ERP flagship solution for the international market: a flexible and scalable ERP available in 12 languages, in compliance with regulations from different countries and equipped with a multi-currency system. Due to its ability to support specific functional localizations, Mago4 is the ERP software designed for the global market.

Come to CeBIT 2017 in order to discover all the opportunities and interactions with the Zucchetti Group solutions that your global ERP gives you: Mago4 is waiting for you at Zucchetti booth E/17, hall 5.

Learn more about the CeBIT event, to organize your visit and discover the top trends.

14 March 2017


news Mago4 1.3.2

Less than a month since the last update, here is the new service pack of Mago4, the SP 1.3.2.

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The new Mago4 Service Pack 1.3.2 brings several improvements in a variety of modules and sectors.

In Logistics Area important improvements related to General Warehouse have been introduced: Mago4 warehouse is even more reliable, easy to query and powerful, with an agile and streamlined data structure. To reduce and simplify the number of external functions, in fact, Inventory Balances are reorganized in a limited number of tables, so their use in reports is more simple; furthermore, the inventory balances are easy to align quickly, improving the performance of procedures of Inventory Balances Rebuilding and Inventory Closing.

The Item Balances Navigation functionality always allows you to consult the balances for storage; moreover, Mago4 1.3.2 also provides the review of the actions on default Inventory Reasons and simplifies the visualization of the balances at the general inventory level thanks to the new Exclude from On-Hand parameter: you can consider just the storages of your interest

For those who decide to migrate from to Mago4, it is good to know that the Migration of Item Balances procedure has been simplified!

Further improvements to the logistics concerns the availability in the inventory. Mago4 offers various tools to display the availability of the items while filling of the documents, but with this improvement availability data are always visible using the Items Radar.

The improvements in Warehouse also affect the Manufacturing context: as a result of the improvement providing a different managementof the On Hand on storages, some changes to the Manufacturing module have been made. In this way the production is perfectly in line with the changes made in the warehouse, ensuring a more coherent management of the activities.

In the Financial area, concerning the Declarations of Intent, Mago4 1.3.2 makes it possible to calculate the plafond amount used in the period, as well as the residual amount, according to the declarations of intent: a new report displays a list of all documents having aTax Code with aplafond management, posted for each customer / supplier. In Hungarian localization the report is present in Fiscal/Tax Printouts and it only details documents posted in the period for each customer/supplier, given that the management of the declarations of intent, typically Italian, does not exist.

An interesting enhancement is also made in Romanian localization: the Tax Declaration 394 procedure has been updated in order to generate the XML file in accordance with law requirements. This requirement states that the details of actual operations is regularly communicated with distinction by subject, rate, operation. The procedure introduced by Mago4 1.3.2 extracts and process data and generates the XML file to be sent to the Romanian tax agency. Special parameters distinguish the different types of operations, as new fields automate the identification of information to be reported (article types, activities, receipts number, number ranges and types of paper used etc..).

To learn more, you can read the release notes in the Private Area of Microarea website.

The download of the SP2 for Mago4 1.3 is free if you've manteined enabled the Live Update service (M.L.U.). If not, please contact our International Sales Department. As usual, we recommend you to request the assistance of your reference Reseller to download the Service Pack.


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