Environmental Parameters

ZAIR is the new Zucchetti Facility solution for the measurement and analysis of environmental parameters.

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The offer by Zucchetti Facility, a Zucchetti Group company specialized in the development and supply of solutions for energy efficiency and business asset management, is enriched by ZAir, a new system for measuring, analyzing and monitoring environmental parameters.

The software is designed for any workplace (offices, production areas, warehouses, schools, health facilities, etc.): ZAir collects, analyzes and monitors a wide range of environmental parameters - such as air quality (with harmful gas and agents concentration measurement, like radon and airborne particulate), temperature, humidity, water quality, brightness, electromagnetic fields and radiation - to allow you define working environment conditions, including statutory mandatory parameters, depending on people's presence and the protection of their health and safety.

ZAIR helps you to comply with legislation on the protection of workers' health and safety: Italy Legislative Decree 81/2008 classifies the microclimate of the working environment among the physical agents that must be included in the risk assessment.

For the collection and measurement of data, Zair uses installed hardware devices, able to transmit real-time information relating to the environmental parameters to the central software. In this way, Zair monitors up to 26 different parameters and is able to report danger situations with alert systems. In addition, you have customizable reports and statistics to understand any critical issues and take the right actions. The native app allows you to exploit on smartphones and tablets all the potential of the solution. You can also interface ZAir with patented hardware tools that can easily monitor a large number of environmental parameters by sending data to the software via WiFi.

The software then integrates with specific Zucchetti solutions aimed at access control, security and personnel management, enabling you to have a complete tool to manage your work safety.

You can find more details, including the brochure and promotional video on Zucchetti portal.

logistics and Brazil

The last update of Mago4 offers improvements in inventory management and helps to deal with the Brazilian tax system.

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It is easy to see that companies that handle a large amount of goods - both inbound and outbound - must be able to count on a quick compilation and verification of data on transport documents. The basis of this mechanism is the Inventory Reason, that is, a set of codes allowing to record ofstock movements, and then determining the update of the amount of loading and unloading (and additional) quantities and the respective values.

The Inventory Reason regulates the type of movement (sales, purchase, trial etc.) to be recorded in the system, to have the correct availability of goods in Storages. In order to make even faster the filling and control of the propriety of entered data, Mago4 1.3 Service Pack 3 adds the Inventory Reason to the master data of delivery documents. In this way, the Inventory Reason is now present both in Main Data,and in Shipment tab of the active cycle transport documents and purchasing cycle.

There is more: the latest update of Mago4 dedicated to the Brazilian market makes easier also the whole system of tax rules proposition.

The complexity of the Brazilian tax system can induce tax advisors to create a large number of Tax Rules, recalled also from documents in which those rules are not actually used.

Mago4 reach now the goal to simplify the whole proposition system of Tax Rules in the documents (Fiscal Note): in your ERP has indeed been added the Nota Fiscal Type field in the General Tax Rules table. If this field is not filled out, the tax rule applies to any Tax Note; otherwise it only applies to the Fiscal Notes of the same type.

We remind you that the best way to be up-to-date and not to lose any updates is to keep Mago4 Live Update  (M.L.U.) service active. Please contact your reference dealer for more information.

For further details on all the latest product updates, you can always check the release notes in the Private Area of Microarea website.

Mago4 fatel PA e B2B

Mago4 is already aligned with the latest italian law changes regarding electronic invoicing.

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From March 24, 2017, some changes have been made by the Revenue Agency, regarding the Public Administration and B2B Invoicing.

The first change saw the refinement of a control over the Interchange System, with the aim to take account of cases in which the invoice file shows discrepancy between the value indicated in the transmission format and the tax code of the transferee / buyer.

As regards the control of the calculation of tax, the time limit previously set for May 31, 2017 was eliminated: it remains in effect the tolerance of one euro cent to allow the calculation of taxable and tax starting from the amount of a tax receipt.

If the tax regimen RF03 (new production initiatives, Article 13 of Italian Law 388 / 2000) is considered in the invoices, a newly introduced control causes them to be discarded by the system. This is because this facilitated regimen has been repealed by the Stability Law 2015 (Law No. 1902 of 23/12/2014).

In addition, the description of the nature "N5 - limit regimen / VAT not shown on the invoice" has been adjusted according to what is stated in Revenue Agency 2017 Circular no. 1.

Mago4 is lined up! Your ERP is ready to meet the new regulations, as it already includes a number of tests that allow you to anticipate the controls of Interchange System version 1.2.1, as described in the latest Checklist (Version 1.5).

If you have activated the link between Mago4 and the Zucchetti Online and / or On-site e-invoincing services towards privateor to public administrations, you can immediately benefit of the adjustments made by the Revenue Agency.

Discover everything you need to know about PA and B2B e-invoicing on the dedicated portal.

Close Up

Mago4 and Zucchetti AGO Infinity: a valuable integration for the world of accountants

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The management of an accountant studio is increasingly structured and complex, and the growing customer demands require an organization able not only to provide traditional services, but also to support the professional in the advisory. Often, the efficiency key lies in the availability and accessibility of updated information.

That's why it is interesting to know that, as of version 1.3.1, Mago4 completely integrates in the world of accountants and associations, thanks to the connector with Zucchetti AGO Infinity.

Now we'll better analyze the solution we are talking about. AGO Infinity is the Zucchetti accounting and tax software dedicated to the management of all activities of accountants and associations: a single solution for all tasks, able to streamline processes and increase productivity. AGO Infinity is developed in Web technology and is based on the logic of sharing, collaboration and real-time communication: in this way, accountant studio and business customers operate within the same system, the data are accessible and up to date.

Today there's more: thanks to the integration between Mago4 and AGO you can switch data from Mago4 to AGO and vice versa, in a simple and practical way. The connector allows you to identify the AGO Firm with the Mago4 Company and set the parameters for the import and export procedures; you can also import AGO tables (sub-accounts, accounting descriptions, tax codes, standard codes and intra-Community transactions codes) and associate Mago4 tabular codes to those of AGO. Likewise, you can export the book entries (VAT documents and pure book entries), including customer / suppliers lists used in the book entries.

This information exchange takes place by means of special paths. But how to configure it? No problem! The optimal configuration of the data exchange system takes place in a very simple manner from the outset: Mago4 installation contains indeed default data, already including AGO predefined tables. In addition, the Financial Movements Export specific feature of AGO is an intuitive guide that lets you choose the type of documents to export, to associate any missing links and generate the file to send to your accountant. Simple and effective!

As Mago4 user, with AGO connector you can therefore transmit ledger entries to the accounting studio that carries out the tax statements and communications on behalf of the company. All with simplicity and maximum reliability.

As you can see, the opening of Mago4 to various integrations is always able to bring countless benefits to business management, generating, in this case, a significant increase of value in administrative area.

To find out more, please contact your reference reseller.


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