The next Italian legislation deadline for companies is coming. Here's how to get prepared on September 18, 2017.

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The new Italian Decree Law 193/2016 has introduced a new tax compliance. It is established that by September 18, 2017 each company will have to send to the Revenue Agency details of invoices issued and recorded, data on periodic VAT settlement, and other data such as customs bills and debt and credit notes.

Thanks to Zucchetti solutions, you have three different ways to fulfill these requirements.

You can prepare XML files on your own and send them directly to the Revenue Agency via the new Digital Hub - CADI service, remembering that you will need to sign your digital signature.

Alternatively, you can autonomously prepare the XML files by using the new Digital Hub - CADI service and, if you already have access credentials, upload them directly to the Revenue Agency website in the Electronic Invoice and Electronic Fee section.

Finally you can also choose to prepare the XML files independentely, by using the new Digital Hub - CADI service and deliver it to your accountant, who will manage the submission.

As you know, Mago4 incorporates the new Directives for VAT Analytical Communication and integrates with Zucchetti's services to meet this obligation; in turn Zucchetti offers you a new service of Analytical VAT Data Communication (Italian Cadi) and Electronic Invoicing, which simplifies the sending of VAT data to the Revenue Agency. In just a few clicks you will be able to meet the latest tax obligations!.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to ask for information: you will be contacted as soon as possible by a consultant.

Summer break!

We wish you all to spend a pleasant summer vacation and remind you that our offices will be closed from 07 to 18 August 2017. During this period only the automatic services will operate.

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Microarea’s offices will be closed from 7 to 18 August, keeping active only the automatic services.

We say goodbye with a news: lately started a phase of further updating of Mago4's documentation. On website it is now possible to read and download the updated brochures of individual Mago4's modules in PDF format, in particular Financials Accounting and Inventory and Logistics areas’ modules (available to date in Italian Language, English is coming soon).

Also the other areas will be soon completed, this is a work in constant evolution. As well as for Mago4 website, we are working to keep simultaneously up-to-date the “Documentation” section also in Private Area of Microarea’s website, including all the solution’s news.

In this way it will be possible to have freely all complete and official information, always up-to-date!

Enjoy your holidays!

news Mago4 release 1.5

Mago4 presents its latest release: the richest 1.5 with many new features in all areas.

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The main contents of the release 1.5 of Mago4 are related to the Invoice Data Communication (which completes the CADI), expiring on September 18, 2017.

In Mago4 1.5 there are all the features needed to complete the master data, prepare and control the content of the communication, so that you are ready to send it in time. The ERP is designed to allow for a subsequent upgrade only for the specific component of Digital Communications, without affecting the compatibility of the current release with vertical applications and customizations. This update will complete the functionality with the actual delivery to the Digital Hub service (either directly or through the FATEL / CADI product), and is scheduled for July 28, 2017.

The news are even in the Commercial / Logistics area, for the Mago Digital Communication, intended to a perfect management of the signature in Electronic Invoicing. If you are using the Electronic Invoicing through Zucchetti Digital HUB service, you already know that the signature automatic management is an option that can make you sure of a fast and effective process for the documents submission. With Mago4 1.5 today you can take advantage of this automation without having the Zucchetti HSM Signature, exploiting the features with your HSM Signature enabled on the Digital HUB.

Another simplification contained in Release 1.5 is that it is possible to enter the data of the customer / supplier  of an article simply by accessing the item's master data from the on-fly add. In this way, to access the customer or vendor database, you will no longer need to save the master data from the on-fly add, and then return to the item list from the menu.

Mago4 1.5 warehouse procedures are even faster and more efficient! In fact, the new release of your ERP adds two new parameters for updating the Line Cost. The methods take into account non-punctual enhancement, activation of the consolidation procedure, LIFO / FIFO valorisation single-step or weighted average.

Warehouse Management System could not miss, and then Mago4 1.5 changes the way of packing from handheld device. Now you can sort the content of the preshipping and consequently declare the content of the single pack.Packing with item list not only makes it all easier but also avoids mistakes on packing phase because it helps you in selecting the items you can pack.

And there's more: the news also concern the international market, with improvements in the administrative area for Hungary and Romania localization. In Hungary, Mago4 1.5 provides for the generation of the 65M Declaration that lists for each customer and national supplier all invoice and invoice corrections for the period with an amount of VAT exceeding 100,000 HUF. For the Romanian market a number of controls have been introduced, to check the tax status of customer / supplier accounts (i.e. VAT-free or suspended subject); these controls are available jointly to the master data and also through massive audit reports on the master data files and documents.

All of these updates and the many others offered by the new release 1.5 of Mago4 are available in the download section, in the Microarea site's Private Area, where you can also check out the release note. Please remember that if your MLU is active you can download updates for free, and that it is always advised to refer to your reseller for download and installation. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact your reseller or ask for information.

18 July 2017


news Mago1.4.1

Recent Mago4 updates deal with the new law adjustment about Split Payment.

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Some updates promptly adopted by Mago4 include the Split Payment mechanism, which from 1 July 2017 is expanding its sphere of application both to the subjects purchasing goods and services as well as to the sellers and providers of goods and services.

First of all, we want to summarize some basic concepts. In Italy, the Split Payment is a mechanism introduced in 2015 requiring that public purchasers of goods and services - even if they do not qualify as taxable persons - pay directly to the tax authorities the VAT charged by the suppliers. In practice, VAT on a document issued to a public body is not collected by the party who issues the invoice, and consequently he is not paying the VAT.

As of July 2017, something has changed over this discipline. According to the new Italian rules, the recipients of the measure are now distributed in three large groups: institutions and companies belonging to the Public Administration, the companies controlled by the Council Presidency, the Ministries and the local authorities and listed companies. Another news is that also the provision of services subject to withholding tax are required to adopt Split Payment: among them, the most frequent case is that of self-employed and professionals, thus becoming new parties obliged to Split Payment.

Mago4 1.4.1 accepts these changes: the user can freely decide, depending on the type of customer, when to activate the Split Payment procedure, which can be enabled in Mago as of 1/7/2017 even in the case of withholding tax made by a professional, and not only if the customer is the Public Administration.

To manage the Split Payment in Mago4 you only need to identify which customers are covered by a specific option in the registry. After that, according to automatism in the program, the documents issued to these customers will exclude the amount of VAT both in total to be paid, and in the entry. In accounting, a special VAT transfer fee will be generated and the VAT of such documents will never be counted as due in Liquidation. You can also set a specific wording on printing documents, to be identified as affected by the Split Payment.

This update is one of the improvements contained in the SP 1.4.1 Mago4, which was recently released and immediately followed by the 1.5 release, that you can read on this blog.

As always, you can find out all the updates by reading the release notes in the Microarea portal's Reserved area section, My Mago4 section. Additionally, if you have subscribed and maintained the Mago4 Live Update Service (M.L.U.), downloading updates is free. However, we recommend that you do so by requesting the intervention of your reseller. If your M.L.U. expired, or you want to know more, please ask our international Sales department for information, and find out how to be up to date.


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