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The partners alterBIT and Sabicom establish a new technological and strategic partnership to develop vertical solutions for Mago4 ERP

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Know-how and experience in the IT sector meet web & mobile technology thanks to the collaboration between alterBIT and Sabicom, reliable Mago partners. The goal of this all-Italian joint venture is to design vertical solutions in the ERP field developed on the Mago4 platform, customer-oriented and calibrated according to different business needs, able to combine the innovative element with the simplicity of use of the solutions.

The result of this union is VendingPro: the vertical solution integrated with Mago4 that, thanks to IoT, transforms your machine into an Intelligent vending machine, allowing you to manage mobile payments and mobile marketing and keeping everything under control thanks to an advanced reporting system. Thanks to the technological choices made in the development phase and to its advanced features, VendingPro is a complete software that allows all the companies involved in the vending sector to control and manage real-time every phase of their business.

VendingPro is designed to simplify the management of all activities: from accounting to attempted sales, from stock to planning and real-time monitoring of the operators. The vertical for Mago4 also guarantees the certification of payments according to the provisions of the Revenue Agency and is a powerful tool for business management, because it allows you to read and analyze trend data through the use of simple and intuitive dashboards.

All these and many other innovative features of Mago4's vertical solution will be officially presented at the Venditalia event, which will be held from 6 to 9 June 2018 in Milan at Fieramilanocity. Venditalia is the International Exhibition of Automatic Distribution and is the largest fair in the industry, both for the size of the exhibition area, both for the number of exhibitors and visitors. The main protagonists of Venditalia are leading companies in the production and distribution of automatic payment systems, accessories and products for vending machines.

The partnership between the two Mago resellers offers several advantages not only to the companies involved, but above all to the customers, who can take advantage of the innovative solutions born from the expertise of two major players and the flexibility of the Mago4 ERP.

To learn more about the solution VendingPro born from the partnership between alterBIT, Sabicom and developed on Mago4, you can visit the VendingPro stand at Venditalia, from 06 to 09 June at Fieramilanocity.

ERP GDPR compliant

On May 25th, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, enters into force.

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The current legal framework on the protection of personal data has been reformed by the new European regulation on personal data protection (EU Regulation 2016/679 also referred to by the acronym GDPR).

This regulation is actually the most important element of a comprehensive European reform of the subject, that concerns other European directives and international treaties.

According to the principle of responsibility envisaged by the new regulation, controllers are entrusted with the task of autonomously deciding on the methods, guarantees and limits of data processing, in order to guarantee adequate protection.

Pursuant to the same EU Regulation 2016/679, and as controller of the data, Microarea is consistent with the aforementioned GDPR regulation.

GDPR tools and data sheet

In Private Area on Microarea's website, a technical reference sheet is now available, concerning the processing affected by the GDPR regulations that can be set with Mago.

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As you probably know, an important date is very close: on 25th, May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force.

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, is the european regulation about privacy and data that will be operating in few days.

There is a lot of excitement around the theme and this happens for many reasons. First of all, as a "regulation", the GDPR has a general application, that is to say it is valid in all countries, and has direct applicability in all its elements. Moreover, its impact is really vast: the GDPR concerns the companies that manage any kind of personal data. For accurate and complete information we will refer to the text of the regulation in the Official Journal of the European Union.

And, since the data processing is also carried out with the ERP / Mago4 software,we decided to put at your disposal a data sheet that can help you set correctly the data protection policy, the processing carried out and the security measures implemented with Mago suites.

You can consult this form on the Documentation page in Microarea's website Private Area.


report services at state of the art

A look at the job of the Reporting Studio Team, with a brief technical focus about the main features of the Report Service project.

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We have spoken in a previous post of the Reporting Studio team, when we suggested to stay tuned for more news. So, here we are now to present a new project, fully in line with the Digital Transformation and Digital Business guidelines.

Your ERP Mago and its development teams are always up to date; then the need for a complete set of prints and lists could not be overlooked. This is why Report Service was born: it is a web portal in which to run all your reports, that will be displayed in the most recent and widespread browsers, by single page application mode.

For those wishing to get a bit 'in the "technicalities", here are the main and innovative architectural features of the new Service Report:

  • Report Service is 100% backwards compatible on all existing reports. This means that all the reports made previously (both standard and custom) will be usable immediately, with no need to make changes.
  • Report Service guarantees 100% functional coverage: all the features of Reporting Studio are supported, under the sign of total usability
  • Report Service is also 100% integrable: it will be possible to use the reports developed with Reporting Studio, not only on Cloud, but in any web application
  • Report Service follows you 100%: it uses a technology that provide full support for interfacing with different databases
  • Report Service is 100% Cross-platform: the full operation on different operating systems is guaranteed

At the level of functionality, the new service is not far behind: through snapshots it will be possible to take actual photographs of the executed reports, including data. In addition, the reports will be even more significant, thanks to the two-dimensional charts that allow an even more immediate understanding of the company situation.

To learn more, continue following the Mago4 blog, where you can read all the news coming.

Digital Hub is here!

Solutions at your fingertips for new electronic invoicing obligations

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The Digital Hub is Zucchetti's proposal to issue and receive electronic invoices to the Public Administration (b2g) and to private individuals (b2b). As you know, in fact, the Italian Budget Law 2018 introduced the obligation of electronic invoicing also for individuals (we had already talked about it here ). Therefore, starting from 1 January 2019, only electronically issued invoices will be valid and sent via the Interchange System (Italian SDI). This deadline is brought forward to July 1, 2018 for operators in the fuel supply chain and subcontractors of the Public Administration.

To be sure of proceeding safely and efficiently, the right choice is to rely on the solutions offered by Zucchetti, accredited Conservator and Certification Authority at the Agency for Digital Italy, and that has long been working as a qualified intermediary at the Inland Revenue Agency with its own transmission channel, the Digital Hub.

It is precisely through the Digital Hub that you manage the entire electronic invoicing process, both the active cycle and the passive cycle: send the invoices issued by the management system to the customers, receive invoices from your suppliers and thanks to integration with digital signature and preservation systems guarantees the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of invoices and keeps them in accordance with the law.

The operation of the Zucchetti Digital Hub really simplifies your life, also because the ERP Mago4 has been set up since a long time to dialogue and interact with the Zucchetti service for electronic invoicing, making a complete and integrated system available. Thus, you can directly manage the electronic invoice generation process directly from the Mago4 ERP, delegating all the operations to Zucchetti, including replacement storage.

Choosing Digital Hub Zucchetti leads to obvious and immediate operational benefits: just think of the 80% saving on the entire billing process (thanks to the reduction of paper costs, distribution, destruction and archiving), the greater overall efficiency given by the drastic reduction of manual activities (and mistakes!), the speed of the billing process, and direct integration with administrative management. In addition, thanks to the dialogue between Mago4 and Digital Hub you can manage tax compliance such as analytical communication of VAT data, with all the functionalities necessary for the correct preparation and control of the tax communication and its sending via Digital Hub.

Are you looking for a complete outsourcing? If you do not want to worry about the operation, you can delegate to Zucchetti the complete management of the electronic invoicing process!

In short: whatever your need, you will certainly find the right solution in the Zucchetti offer.

For more information contact your local dealer and discover the complete and integrated system that allows you to align with the main objectives of digitalization, with the certainty of total compliance to regulatory standards.


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