30 July 2018


summer holidays

We wish you all to spend a pleasant summer vacation and remind you that our offices will be closed from 13 to 24 August 2018.

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As every summer wish you all happy holidays: during the summer break, our offices will be closed from 13 to 24 August.

During this period only the automatic services will be active.

See you at the end of holidays, and enjoy!

Zucchetti DigitalHub

Process, manage and store your invoices with a click!

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Electronic Invoicing, Storage and Digital Signature: Digital Hub Zucchetti is the one-click service that has all the tools to completely eliminate paper from the billing process. Digital Hub Zucchetti is the fully online service that allows you to manage the entire billing process quickly and efficiently, allowing you to issue and receive electronic invoices, transmit them to the interchange system, electronically sign the invoices and store them digitally.

Thanks to the Digital Hub, in just a few clicks, you can transform a long and complex manual process into a simple and fast activity: you can send and receive invoices in electronic format to private individuals and public administrations, notify the Tax Authorities about VAT, dismissing the paper files and keeping invoices according to the law, also guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity, for statutory and tax.

Digital Hub is also perfectly integrated with the Zucchetti ERP software used in your company. In fact, thanks to the dialogue between Mago4 and Digital Hub, many features are available to properly prepare tax obligations and send them through the Hub itself. Zucchetti Digital Hub guarantees you more efficiency, because you reduce the time for sending and receiving of invoices, cut down the costs for the purchase of paper materials, eliminate transmission errors to the Tax Agency, while increasing the level of security in the management of imported documents.

Moreover, thanks to the exclusive features of the Digital Hub, you can issue electronic invoices even "on the move", directly from your smartphone with the Digital Hub App, send automatically to customers and suppliers the emails to communicate the identification code for the invoices, or directly redirect the electronic invoices received via certified mail.

Switch now to Digital Hub, and immediately achieve significant economic and logistical benefits, improve operational efficiency with an eye to the environment and responsible management of resources.

To find out more, read and download the dedicated brochure from the Zucchetti website.

30 July 2018


Mago4 2.3 SP1 localizations

Many news for the main localization of the Mago4 ERP, in the new SP available for download

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Amongst the new features designed for the Spanish localization, in the administrative area the main one is represented by the TRM Connector. With the SP 1 of Mago4 2.3 it is in fact available the integration of Mago4 with the Tax Reporting Module by Solmicro - the Spanish company of Zucchetti Group - that allows to send issued and received documents from Mago4 to Solmicro’s eXpertis application, in order to produce the SII Declaration (Suministro Inmediato de Información) and other fiscal declarations.

Interesting news also for the German localization. With the SP1 of Mago4 2.3, in fact, the Discounts and Roundings accounting posting from Clearing has been introduced. For both procedures, the VAT of the original document is adjusted and the discount amount is posted on special accounts, different by tax code.

Not only: in Germany the SP1 makes the Banks Download procedure available. The procedure accesses through web-services to German banks’ updated files and subsequently updates data in the bank customers/suppliers database.

Moreover, in Professional and Enterprise configurations for German localization, the SKR04 folders are now available with accounts coded according to the default Datev Chart of Accounts SKR-04.

As for the Logistics area, on the other hand, an improvement for the Brazil localization is particularly noteworthy: in Mago4 2.3.1 the Sales Order Fulfillment procedure has been added, so as to align Brazil with other localizations where it is already possible to process customer orders in sales documents. This procedure greatly speeds up the generation of Nota Fiscal from Sales Orders. In this way it is possible to choose the Nota Fiscal Type that you want to generate, make the last changes to the orders before the NF generation, proceed to Post in Inventory the goods and/or Post Payment Schedule. Moreover, the user can choose whether to generate a NF for each order or whether to group them into a single NF for customer, and decide if process only the orders for which the goods are completely available.

As always, these are just some of the improvements proposed by the new SP1 for Mago4 2.3. To know all the news, you can refer to the release notes available in the private area. Also remember that the download of the SP is free for those who have maintained active the MLU service; if not, contact your retailer, who will be able to find the best solution for you.

Mago4's flyers available!

The complete documentation for all modules of your Mago4 ERP is now available for consultation and download.

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We have finished updating the product documents including all the features available for your ERP; as always, everything is available in Italian and English languages.

The brochures of the modules can be consulted online, to have them always with you, or downloaded in .pdf format, to store and eventually print them.

The complete documentation is available both in the Private Area on the Microarea website (Documents / Product Documentation section - Flyer Mago4 tab) and on the website www.mago4.com: starting from the Features page you will notice that each module belonging to the different areas (administrative, logistics, sales / purchases and manufacturing ) is accompanied by its relative document.

Enjoy the reading!

New synchronization feature

Mago4 has the innate ability to integrate to expand its functionality. The last SP of Mago and the new IMS accelerate in this direction.

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With the release of Service Pack 1 of Mago4 2.3 and of I.Mago Studio 1.0.8, the integration with Infinity continues to improve, spurred on by feedback from users. In fact, with the new releases two important and useful features are made available.

The first is the so-called massive filter. To initialize the connection between Mago and the Infinity environment (also in the I.Mago configuration), it is necessary to populate Infinity with the data already present in the ERP Mago (for example, data about Customers, Items, Suppliers, Currencies); to perform this action there has always been the procedure of "massive synchronization".

In the new versions of Mago4 and I.Mago Studio, the massive procedure allows the transaction to be carried out in tranches rather than in a single moment. It is natural to wonder why this possibility, since the data must all be included in Infinity. The answer is simple: the new structure of the procedure ensures better performance, with less impact on everyday work.

An example for all: it will be possible to manage the data- filling in Infinity during time slots agreed with the user company, in order to perform the operation in closing times, or, at least, in periods with low operational traffic. In fact, it is important to bear in mind that the massive synchronization procedure, by its nature, requires a lot of resources on the server in which it is performed: the need to synchronize hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of customers, suppliers, articles, etc. it certainly involves several hours of processing. Conversely, the new massive filter will allow us to plan during all the nights of a given week, a range of data to be synchronized with Infinity. In this way every morning, at the time of resumption of normal operation on the ERP system, the server will be free to manage the "normal" requests, without penalizing the company's efficiency in terms of time. It will of course be advisable to start working with Infinity or I.Mago only when the massive synchronization will be completely finished.

Here we are at the second innovation on the integration topic, provided for in Mago4 2.3.1: in synergy with IMS 1.0.8 it is now possible to define which data should be included in the synchronization process. Thanks to a new parameterization / filtering window, the company can define which product categories to flow on Infinity (CRM or E-commerce), which categories customers and suppliers make the object of synchronization, and much more!

These filters act on both the "massive" and "on-time" synchronization operations, ie when a Mago operator modifies or inserts data. If the modified / inserted entity falls within the selected filters, the data will be synchronized, otherwise it will remain only in Mago. This is a great convenience to focus only on what you really need on the crm / e-commerce side.

The improvements to make integrations more and more performing are constantly evolving. You can read everything by consulting the release notes; our advice is always the same: stay tuned!


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