Reporting Studio Mago4 2.3.2

With the Mago4 2.3 SP2 release, the data export in Reporting Studio is the subject of a major improvement.

Edited by Marketing Department

Starting from the reports of specific users' needs, the performances of the export features of Reporting Studio have been strongly improved.

The goal of the improvement contained in the SP2 of Mago4 2.3 was to increase the timing and consumption of resources, with particular attention to the Excel format, which has always been the most "popular" for this type of operation. In practice, the algorithms for exporting reports’ data have been restructured to guarantee greater speed and utmost performance, with obvious implications in terms of time savings.

This refinement, made in the name of practicality, concerns all the reports of Mago4, as well as some procedures of the ERP modules.

To learn more about the project, you can read the release notes of Mago4 2.3.2, available in the Private Area on the website