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The Digital Hub is Zucchetti's proposal to issue and receive electronic invoices to the Public Administration (b2g) and to private individuals (b2b). As you know, in fact, the Italian Budget Law 2018 introduced the obligation of electronic invoicing also for individuals (we had already talked about it here ). Therefore, starting from 1 January 2019, only electronically issued invoices will be valid and sent via the Interchange System (Italian SDI). This deadline is brought forward to July 1, 2018 for operators in the fuel supply chain and subcontractors of the Public Administration.

To be sure of proceeding safely and efficiently, the right choice is to rely on the solutions offered by Zucchetti, accredited Conservator and Certification Authority at the Agency for Digital Italy, and that has long been working as a qualified intermediary at the Inland Revenue Agency with its own transmission channel, the Digital Hub.

It is precisely through the Digital Hub that you manage the entire electronic invoicing process, both the active cycle and the passive cycle: send the invoices issued by the management system to the customers, receive invoices from your suppliers and thanks to integration with digital signature and preservation systems guarantees the authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation of invoices and keeps them in accordance with the law.

The operation of the Zucchetti Digital Hub really simplifies your life, also because the ERP Mago4 has been set up since a long time to dialogue and interact with the Zucchetti service for electronic invoicing, making a complete and integrated system available. Thus, you can directly manage the electronic invoice generation process directly from the Mago4 ERP, delegating all the operations to Zucchetti, including replacement storage.

Choosing Digital Hub Zucchetti leads to obvious and immediate operational benefits: just think of the 80% saving on the entire billing process (thanks to the reduction of paper costs, distribution, destruction and archiving), the greater overall efficiency given by the drastic reduction of manual activities (and mistakes!), the speed of the billing process, and direct integration with administrative management. In addition, thanks to the dialogue between Mago4 and Digital Hub you can manage tax compliance such as analytical communication of VAT data, with all the functionalities necessary for the correct preparation and control of the tax communication and its sending via Digital Hub.

Are you looking for a complete outsourcing? If you do not want to worry about the operation, you can delegate to Zucchetti the complete management of the electronic invoicing process!

In short: whatever your need, you will certainly find the right solution in the Zucchetti offer.

For more information contact your local dealer and discover the complete and integrated system that allows you to align with the main objectives of digitalization, with the certainty of total compliance to regulatory standards.

Mago4 fatel PA e B2B

Mago4 is already aligned with the latest italian law changes regarding electronic invoicing.

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From March 24, 2017, some changes have been made by the Revenue Agency, regarding the Public Administration and B2B Invoicing.

The first change saw the refinement of a control over the Interchange System, with the aim to take account of cases in which the invoice file shows discrepancy between the value indicated in the transmission format and the tax code of the transferee / buyer.

As regards the control of the calculation of tax, the time limit previously set for May 31, 2017 was eliminated: it remains in effect the tolerance of one euro cent to allow the calculation of taxable and tax starting from the amount of a tax receipt.

If the tax regimen RF03 (new production initiatives, Article 13 of Italian Law 388 / 2000) is considered in the invoices, a newly introduced control causes them to be discarded by the system. This is because this facilitated regimen has been repealed by the Stability Law 2015 (Law No. 1902 of 23/12/2014).

In addition, the description of the nature "N5 - limit regimen / VAT not shown on the invoice" has been adjusted according to what is stated in Revenue Agency 2017 Circular no. 1.

Mago4 is lined up! Your ERP is ready to meet the new regulations, as it already includes a number of tests that allow you to anticipate the controls of Interchange System version 1.2.1, as described in the latest Checklist (Version 1.5).

If you have activated the link between Mago4 and the Zucchetti Online and / or On-site e-invoincing services towards privateor to public administrations, you can immediately benefit of the adjustments made by the Revenue Agency.

Discover everything you need to know about PA and B2B e-invoicing on the dedicated portal.


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