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Using the advanced localization for Brazil, Mago4 is able to run the Romaneio document, specifically designed to optimize the delivery of goods.

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The transportation of goods is a crucial aspect of company's profitability. Knowing how to handle the vast amount of information generated by transport activity is therefore essential to maintain an effective organization, achieve a high level of efficiency and optimize results. This issue has implications in many administrative, production and management sectors, so that every country in the world adopts rules and habits that need to be adapted, in the management of both domestic goods transport and import / export.

As you know, Mago is the ERP with an openness and flexibility that allows to perfectly adapt the management procedures to the reality of many countries; one of the most eloquent localizations is the Brazilian one, for the different characteristics and requirements typical of this nation. In this sense, logistics management is no exception, indeed. In Brazil there is a specific document, called Romaneio, which is one of the cornerstones of the management of information and control of sent goods. In practice Romaneio is a document used by companies to carry out the delivery of goods belonging to different recipients, when it is transported by the same means; it is a document used for transport, which lists the load conveyed.

Thanks to the Romaneio all the information of a given transport is collected in a single document with the aim of facilitating the delivery process, both during transport and during unloading, also helping to simplify the process of inspection of the goods themselves. The use of the Romaneio is also extended to international trade, for transport and customs clearance.

It is easy to understand the utmost importance of its correct management, which helps to prevent errors during deliveries to customers, or even potential theft of goods during transport. Mago, through the Brazil localization, allows you to summarize in the Romaneio the Fiscal Notes issued for several customers, ensuring controllability, quality of service and compliance with local regulations.

This is just one of the features of Mago in the international arena; no coincidence that your ERP is widespread in over 30 countries worldwide thanks to its native characteristics of openness, flexibility and modularity.

Mago4 is the technological partner designed to help your business grow internationally: for more information, fill out the form and you will be contacted back as soon as possible.

NF-e BR Management
Importing received electronic documents (NFe) within Brazil localization is already a reality, thanks to the functionality of Mago4 ERP.

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Brazil is the country where more tax documents are issued in the world. Its tax system and its electronic invoicing system are among the most complex on a global level, even if they are widely consolidated and widespread.

The issue of electronic invoices in Brazil is practically compulsory for almost 100% of taxpayers who generate tax documents: Mago4, which has been present on the Brazilian market for several years, fully manages all related aspects.

One of the most important phases of the process is the acquisition of the received electronic documents: two procedures (Import Nf-e for Suppliers, and Import Nf-e for Customers) allow you to upload in Mago4 documents, received in XML format, for the handling of goods, in which are specified fields and information that each Fiscal Note (the Brazilian tax document par excellence) must contain.

Mago4 reads the XML file and processes it to the final creation of the Fiscal Note and all movements related to it (inventory, payments etc). From Mago4's procedures it is also possible to connect to the SEFAZ system (the Brazilian Tax Authority) to perform all necessary preliminary checks and print the DANFE, the specific print format required for the Nf-e.

These are just some of the functionalities of the Brazil localization project aimed at managing the Fiscal Note; to deepen we recommend you to consult the help center, contact your reseller or fill the form to receive more information.

30 July 2018


Mago4 2.3 SP1 localizations

Many news for the main localization of the Mago4 ERP, in the new SP available for download

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Amongst the new features designed for the Spanish localization, in the administrative area the main one is represented by the TRM Connector. With the SP 1 of Mago4 2.3 it is in fact available the integration of Mago4 with the Tax Reporting Module by Solmicro - the Spanish company of Zucchetti Group - that allows to send issued and received documents from Mago4 to Solmicro’s eXpertis application, in order to produce the SII Declaration (Suministro Inmediato de Información) and other fiscal declarations.

Interesting news also for the German localization. With the SP1 of Mago4 2.3, in fact, the Discounts and Roundings accounting posting from Clearing has been introduced. For both procedures, the VAT of the original document is adjusted and the discount amount is posted on special accounts, different by tax code.

Not only: in Germany the SP1 makes the Banks Download procedure available. The procedure accesses through web-services to German banks’ updated files and subsequently updates data in the bank customers/suppliers database.

Moreover, in Professional and Enterprise configurations for German localization, the SKR04 folders are now available with accounts coded according to the default Datev Chart of Accounts SKR-04.

As for the Logistics area, on the other hand, an improvement for the Brazil localization is particularly noteworthy: in Mago4 2.3.1 the Sales Order Fulfillment procedure has been added, so as to align Brazil with other localizations where it is already possible to process customer orders in sales documents. This procedure greatly speeds up the generation of Nota Fiscal from Sales Orders. In this way it is possible to choose the Nota Fiscal Type that you want to generate, make the last changes to the orders before the NF generation, proceed to Post in Inventory the goods and/or Post Payment Schedule. Moreover, the user can choose whether to generate a NF for each order or whether to group them into a single NF for customer, and decide if process only the orders for which the goods are completely available.

As always, these are just some of the improvements proposed by the new SP1 for Mago4 2.3. To know all the news, you can refer to the release notes available in the private area. Also remember that the download of the SP is free for those who have maintained active the MLU service; if not, contact your retailer, who will be able to find the best solution for you.


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