Datev connector for Germany

Thanks to a specific feature tailored to the German reality, Mago4 supports accountants in exporting data in the DATEV software.

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By its very nature Mago4 has always provided multilingual support (10 languages are currently supported), multi-currency management and tax and functional localizations, with coverage in 9 countries: all to support your growth on a global level. Just think that the ERP Mago is active in over 30 countries worldwide! From this year Mago4 is also located in Germany, where it supports the integration between the ERP software, used by companies for daily operations, and the professional for DATEV accounting.

Specifically, the ERP software products used in the Country may have insufficient financial accounting to cover all German tax demands: it is precisely here that DATEV accounting, the most widespread solution in Germany, comes into play. The DATEV software (which we have already mentioned in a previous post) is the main tool for the rigorous processing of data, that, according to German law, must be communicated to the tax consultant with well-defined timelines and procedures.

With Mago4 it is possible to export the information of all the financial transactions relating to a fiscal year and to communicate them within the established deadlines; the data are collected in an electronically-readable format, so that they can be imported for proper review. The data required for tax purposes usually include information on financial accounts, ledger transactions, VAT numbers, customers, suppliers and items. To meet all the needs of the German market and allow interfacing with DATEV, Mago4 implements the new DATEV Connector module.

DATEV Connector allows you to export information from the Mago4 ERP to the purchase and sale tax documents and to import them into DATEV using a .csv file. This file contains all the key information required by the system and meets the format requirements for exporting and importing data into DATEV.

Thanks to the continuous research and the development of advanced functionalities to support its innate internationality, Mago4 is today the complete ERP solution for the control of your company, also in Germany.

In this country too, in fact, ERP Mago4 is able to meet the needs of every business area: from purchases to sales, through inventory control, logistics and production, to financial and accounting management ... fully supporting accountants by exporting data to DATEV!

To learn more about Mago4 on international markets, leave your references by filling out the appropriate form: you will be contacted as soon as possible.

30 July 2018


Mago4 2.3 SP1 localizations

Many news for the main localization of the Mago4 ERP, in the new SP available for download

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Amongst the new features designed for the Spanish localization, in the administrative area the main one is represented by the TRM Connector. With the SP 1 of Mago4 2.3 it is in fact available the integration of Mago4 with the Tax Reporting Module by Solmicro - the Spanish company of Zucchetti Group - that allows to send issued and received documents from Mago4 to Solmicro’s eXpertis application, in order to produce the SII Declaration (Suministro Inmediato de Información) and other fiscal declarations.

Interesting news also for the German localization. With the SP1 of Mago4 2.3, in fact, the Discounts and Roundings accounting posting from Clearing has been introduced. For both procedures, the VAT of the original document is adjusted and the discount amount is posted on special accounts, different by tax code.

Not only: in Germany the SP1 makes the Banks Download procedure available. The procedure accesses through web-services to German banks’ updated files and subsequently updates data in the bank customers/suppliers database.

Moreover, in Professional and Enterprise configurations for German localization, the SKR04 folders are now available with accounts coded according to the default Datev Chart of Accounts SKR-04.

As for the Logistics area, on the other hand, an improvement for the Brazil localization is particularly noteworthy: in Mago4 2.3.1 the Sales Order Fulfillment procedure has been added, so as to align Brazil with other localizations where it is already possible to process customer orders in sales documents. This procedure greatly speeds up the generation of Nota Fiscal from Sales Orders. In this way it is possible to choose the Nota Fiscal Type that you want to generate, make the last changes to the orders before the NF generation, proceed to Post in Inventory the goods and/or Post Payment Schedule. Moreover, the user can choose whether to generate a NF for each order or whether to group them into a single NF for customer, and decide if process only the orders for which the goods are completely available.

As always, these are just some of the improvements proposed by the new SP1 for Mago4 2.3. To know all the news, you can refer to the release notes available in the private area. Also remember that the download of the SP is free for those who have maintained active the MLU service; if not, contact your retailer, who will be able to find the best solution for you.


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