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Company digitalization is an obligatory step towards digital transformation and its advantages. Take your first steps with solutions that allow you considerable savings and ensure maximum business efficiency.

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The provisions on electronic invoicing provided by the Budget Law 2018 see the new obligation of electronic invoicing for all VAT subjects, excluding the flat rates, from 1/1/2019. It is not only a measure to increase the contrast and the prevention of evasion, but also a very important step towards the digital transformation: a daily process for companies around the world, supported by governments and of which Electronic Invoicing is only the first phase.

The billing process is complex and does not stop at the creation and sending of invoices: "Digital Signature" and "Digital preservation" are necessary tools to complete the transformation of the company that wants to dematerialize its documentary flows according to the law.

Zucchetti, which makes innovation a strong point in supporting the companies evolution, designs, develops and provides all the necessary solutions to improve performance in every functional area. In fact, to be prepared and comply with the regulations, Zucchetti offers you solutions designed to facilitate the digital transformation of your company in a simple and effective way.

Electronic invoicing and the Zucchetti CADI service simplify the complex invoicing process. With this solution, your company can save up to 80% by eliminating paper costs, making all the management phases more efficient. Digital Signature guarantees authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation to documents. With the Automatic Digital Signature, natively integrated into Zucchetti solutions, you can sign different types of files in a massive, simple and fast way. The Digital Preservation is in turn an essential service that allows you to keep all the documentation in accordance with the law, avoiding waste and eliminating paper files. So you can have a complete and updated digital archive, easily available and always accessible for the exhibition of the documents stored, while fulfilling the obligations of civil law.

There's more: your ERP Mago4 accepts the new Italian directives for VAT Data Analytical Communication (Italian CADI)and provides complete integration with the Zucchetti services to comply with this obligation. Mago4 provides you with all the functionalities necessary for the correct preparation and control of the content of communication, and for sending it via the Digital Hub service (or through the "on site" CADI product).

No complications therefore: in Zucchetti solutions you will find a complete and integrated system that allows you to align with the main objectives of digitization. Remember that thanks to Electronic Invoicing, Digital Preservation and Digital Signature you can save up to 80% on the entire billing process, secure your data and sign multiple documents of different types with just a click.

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14 March 2017


ceBIT 2017

Mago4 will be at CeBIT event, in Hanover from 20 to 24 March, at the Zucchetti booth.

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Zucchetti will take part in CeBIT, the global event for Digital Business, presenting solutions for ERP, HR, POS and access control, Identification & RFID.

CeBIT is the most important exhibition in the world dedicated to the IT world, a "barometer" for that sector. CeBIT is a unique event, that presents the digital transformation as a whole with concrete examples and best practices. cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, humanoid robots and virtual reality applications moving the boundaries between humans and technology: exhibitors and products able to offer new approaches to the Digital World will be present at CeBIT

Within the event, which has 200,000 participants, 450 Startup, 200+ speakers for five days of lectures, Mago4 will be present as an ERP flagship solution for the international market: a flexible and scalable ERP available in 12 languages, in compliance with regulations from different countries and equipped with a multi-currency system. Due to its ability to support specific functional localizations, Mago4 is the ERP software designed for the global market.

Come to CeBIT 2017 in order to discover all the opportunities and interactions with the Zucchetti Group solutions that your global ERP gives you: Mago4 is waiting for you at Zucchetti booth E/17, hall 5.

Learn more about the CeBIT event, to organize your visit and discover the top trends.


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