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Mago4: the future is here, and it is digital

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To be competitive, your business must be able to count on digital assets.

Business requirements have in fact evolved and dematerialization is starring on the present scenario, as the result of a true digital transformation, often regulated according to law: document management, digital storage, electronic invoicing are just a few aspects of this trend.

Dematerialization is the key to increase the efficiency and speed your business processes, cutting down costs and consumption. Thanks to Mago4 you create your digital archive, store all the documents according to law, classify, share, distribute and find your data ... with just one click. All of this is possible thanks to DMS advanced tools and Mago4 ability to fully integrate within Zucchetti solutions designed for electronic storage.

With Mago4 you can implement a genuine digital strategy, able to enrich your company through innovation, efficiency and control.

Mago4 is the right way to grow your business, in every sector and in every country.

To find out other good reasons to move to Mago4, please continue reading our blog!

Mago4 1.3

Let's briefly explore the latest release of Mago4, containing many improvements designed to increase efficiency in all sectors.

Edited by Marketing Department

The latest release of your ERP Mago4 includes interesting news for each business area, and particularly with regard to new themes available for the user interface, the electronic invoicing to Public Administration and B2B billing, the new features of TESAN connector (to dialogue with the Zucchetti solution for data transmission to the health card system), new methods of valuation and costing in Manufacturing area, new features for Brazilian localization (Credit Limit Management module, picking list, tax note via Magic Link).

A special mention, however, is a must for the integrations and refinements developed both for integrations between Infinity Zucchetti and Mago4, and the application I.Mago.

The management system for the massive synchronization process has surely to be underlined in this context. Starting from the changes made in Mago4, the new incremental logic allows you to update data in I.Mago and Infinity operating only on items that have been modified since the last synchronization (think for instance to the update of tax codes in the customer master data).

With the Mago4 1.3 release, we also find the expansion of the data synchronized from Mago to Infinity CRM (such as data relating to the area manager of the agents) and also the increase of the attachements to the documents concerned by the sync (just to mention a couple of examples: Sale Orders and Purchase Orders).

In terms of integration with Infinity DMS, a number of documents are imported along with their detailed information (folder and attributes), thus completing the documentary profile of Infinity DMS.

Last, but surely not the least of the features introduced with Mago4 1.3, is the new Status Bar on the Infinity document form. It is an indicator of the sync state of data from Mago4 to Infinity and vice versa, indicating through flags of different colors its progress and providing information about the type of synchronization (eg if it is massive, punctual etc. ..).

As you can imagine, in this post we have only mentioned some of the many improvements in this release, but the news are so many that it is impossible to analyze them all herein!

To know all the details we suggest you to read the specific reports available on Microarea portal (MyMago4 section, Private Area).

We also recommend you to download the 1.3 release of Mago4 by requiring the intervention of your reference Dealer. As always, the download is free for those who have subscribed and maintained active the Live Update service (M.L.U.). If your M.L.U. has expired, please call us at 800-012573 and discover how to be always up to date.

19 May 2016


Welcome I.Mago

Find out I.Mago: the application that makes Mago4 communicate with the world of Zucchetti Infinity. With I.Mago you will experience new features and a brand new collaboration environment!

Edited by Marketing Department

Starting from June 2016 the functional completeness of your ERP Mago4 is enriched with new capabilities: I.Mago is the application able to make Mago4 communicate with Zucchetti Infinity, enhancing the features of Mago4 with the collaboration functions of Infinity Application Framework, Infinity DMS and CRM Infinity by Zucchetti.

With the merger between Mago and Infinity, using a single login you will enter into a system that relies on the innate opening of the ERP environment and places the ERP engine in a wide collaborative environment.

In Imago, the integration between procedures is really high and the features are available also via the web; the synchronization between the Infinity environment  and the ERP one is real-time, ensuring seamless user experience within a single working environment, and with a single interface. You will experience an extreme completeness of management, without slowing your activities, thanks to the quick and easy installation wizard: many new features are immediately available with minimum impact.

To date, the integration provided by I.Mago allows you to exploit the full potential of your ERP in combination with Infinity Application Framework, in order to view and manage the virtual desktop My Desk and Mago4 gadgets, check the summary and detail of data management, have your email client with an effective rationalization system of messages starting from the ERP master data, access the sheet that collects and updates in real time all the data of Mago4 and Infinity. Furthermore, the collaboration between Mago4 and the document management of Infinity DMS offers you, anytime, anywhere, all the documents produced or stored by Mago4 or Zucchetti Infinity, automatically related to the reference entity.  That's not all: I.Mago blends perfectly Mago4 with the Infinity CRM systems: both for the CRM Marketing, with which to manage the activities that are carried out by sales managers and involving potential or previously acquired clients, and for the CRM Sales, for the advanced management of business negotiations, opportunities / offers, history, analysis capabilities (thanks to operational dashboard) as well as to enter orders and deals in Infinity Zucchetti using all Mago4 data (including prices and discounts determined in real time according to what is defined on the ERP).

In short, thanks to the perfect union and cooperation between the two environments, your own typical working day will be very different from usual!

Imagine you come into the office ... Now open your favorite browser and go straight to your virtual desk, where you've organized the most interesting information in the most comfortable way for your needs; the same screen displays your mailbox, the orders to be processed the same day, the expected goods and overdue invoices. Everything is available at a glance! More, with just one click you access management data to examine the information in detail, dispatch the goods, urging suppliers and contacting defaulting customers. The e-mail order confirmation of your customers are automatically "hooked" to the management document. Thus, in the case of checks, you do not have to search all over the mailbox, but simply open the order that will show you the attached email.

Of course this is just one of many scenarios I.Mago offers you: its strength is indeed to multiply your opportunities and chances!

Enter a new dimension with I.Mago and expand the capabilities of your Mago4 with the functions Collaboration, DMS and CRM Infinity.

If you are a Mago user and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact your the reference reseller; if you do not know Mago yet, please leave your reference and we will contact you soon.


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