Zucchetti DigitalHub

Process, manage and store your invoices with a click!

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Electronic Invoicing, Storage and Digital Signature: Digital Hub Zucchetti is the one-click service that has all the tools to completely eliminate paper from the billing process. Digital Hub Zucchetti is the fully online service that allows you to manage the entire billing process quickly and efficiently, allowing you to issue and receive electronic invoices, transmit them to the interchange system, electronically sign the invoices and store them digitally.

Thanks to the Digital Hub, in just a few clicks, you can transform a long and complex manual process into a simple and fast activity: you can send and receive invoices in electronic format to private individuals and public administrations, notify the Tax Authorities about VAT, dismissing the paper files and keeping invoices according to the law, also guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity, for statutory and tax.

Digital Hub is also perfectly integrated with the Zucchetti ERP software used in your company. In fact, thanks to the dialogue between Mago4 and Digital Hub, many features are available to properly prepare tax obligations and send them through the Hub itself. Zucchetti Digital Hub guarantees you more efficiency, because you reduce the time for sending and receiving of invoices, cut down the costs for the purchase of paper materials, eliminate transmission errors to the Tax Agency, while increasing the level of security in the management of imported documents.

Moreover, thanks to the exclusive features of the Digital Hub, you can issue electronic invoices even "on the move", directly from your smartphone with the Digital Hub App, send automatically to customers and suppliers the emails to communicate the identification code for the invoices, or directly redirect the electronic invoices received via certified mail.

Switch now to Digital Hub, and immediately achieve significant economic and logistical benefits, improve operational efficiency with an eye to the environment and responsible management of resources.

To find out more, read and download the dedicated brochure from the Zucchetti website.