Extra Deduzione Fiscale 2016

The 2016 Italian Stability Law includes a measure aimed to encourage investment in new instrumental material goods.

Edited by Marketing Department

With the introduction of the so-called Super Depreciation within the Stability Law in 2016, the Italian government provides an interesting tax benefit: a maxi amortization of 140% of the cost of goods for personal income tax (IRPEF) and tax on company revenue (IRES). The rule applies to companies and professionals who buy (or activate leasing) of new (or never used) tangible instrumental goods in the period between 15 October 2015 and 31 December 2016.

What does it mean? Basically, in order to define the tax depreciation, the price of goods is considered increased by 40%. So, if the buyer purchases goods for a value of € 1,000, the depreciable cost will instead be considered as € 1400, with obvious advantages in the distribution of the cost incurred (actually lower).

The Super Depreciation also applies to goods purchased before 15.10.2015, as long they have been delivered or shipped after that date and not sold before 31/12/2016. However the rule has not to be applied to goods with depreciation rates lower than 6.5%, to the purchase of buildings and constructions, as well as the purchase of specific goods in particular sectors.

Thanks to the improvement introduced by Mago4 1.0 SP2 you can fully manage this new opportunity within the Fixed Assets. Mago in fact allows you to record the extra tax deduction by entering a tax increment movement and mapping a new Extra Deduction asset linked to goods covered by the Super Depreciation. The system performs automatic checks on the correctness for its actual deductibility, about the date of purchase, the minimum depreciation rate limit, the type of purchase and the presence of other connected Extra Tax Deductions assets.

Furthermore, Mago takes into consideration that the 40% deduction is carried out "outside" Accounting (through a decrease in Tax Return form), so the amount of amortization calculated for the Super Depreciation should not be recorded in Accounting.

Super Depreciation management is just one of the improvements of the new Mago4 SP2: discover them all by referring to the dedicated section in private area.