ZGDPR software

The Zucchetti ZGDPR solution allows you to manage the various activities planned to fulfill the requirements of the new European Regulation.

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As it is now known, the GDPR has effect in all EU countries since 25 May 2018. Its goal is to promote the protection of personal data of citizens and residents of the European Union, in fact, the GDPR addresses and applies to all organizations resident in an EU member State or based outside the EU but operating in EU territory.

The tools identified by the GDPR to facilitate the correct management of personal data are consent and information, treatment register, notification of violations and designation of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

To allow you to correctly understand all the provisions of the law, Zucchetti has developed ZGDPR, the software accessible via the web that allows you to:

  • Insert or import the essential elements for a correct formulation of the Data Processing Register;
  • Analyze the risk in order to identify and define the weaknesses of the data chain, allowing the Data Controller to rectify any critical issues in its management;
  • Generate the registers to give feedback to the rights of the interested parties;
  • Manage data breaches by activating processes of analysis, registration and communication

In addition, ZGDPR makes everything easy, thanks to an intuitive and simple guided help tool that allows you to identify the required activity at any time, obtaining the most suitable solution.

There are many benefits. In fact, managing personal data in a conscious and responsible manner can positively influence the company-customer relationship and increase the trust of market towards the company; moreover, the analysis of personal data provided voluntarily provides valuable information to the company that can develop targeted and efficient activities, without forgetting the increase in IT security and the fastest response in case of violations.

The GDPR community legislation applies in all EU member states and provides a single regulatory framework for companies that can reduce risks, uncertainties and costs. In this context, Zucchetti is a privileged partner: security is at the center of all its software since 40 years, and it is no coincidence that Zucchetti is an accredited Conservator and Certification Authority at the Agency for Digital Italy and guarantees highly professional and certified services for the protection of its customers.

You can learn more by downloading here the whitepaper dedicated to GDPR.

ERP GDPR compliant

On May 25th, 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR, enters into force.

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The current legal framework on the protection of personal data has been reformed by the new European regulation on personal data protection (EU Regulation 2016/679 also referred to by the acronym GDPR).

This regulation is actually the most important element of a comprehensive European reform of the subject, that concerns other European directives and international treaties.

According to the principle of responsibility envisaged by the new regulation, controllers are entrusted with the task of autonomously deciding on the methods, guarantees and limits of data processing, in order to guarantee adequate protection.

Pursuant to the same EU Regulation 2016/679, and as controller of the data, Microarea is consistent with the aforementioned GDPR regulation.

GDPR tools and data sheet

In Private Area on Microarea's website, a technical reference sheet is now available, concerning the processing affected by the GDPR regulations that can be set with Mago.

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As you probably know, an important date is very close: on 25th, May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force.

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, is the european regulation about privacy and data that will be operating in few days.

There is a lot of excitement around the theme and this happens for many reasons. First of all, as a "regulation", the GDPR has a general application, that is to say it is valid in all countries, and has direct applicability in all its elements. Moreover, its impact is really vast: the GDPR concerns the companies that manage any kind of personal data. For accurate and complete information we will refer to the text of the regulation in the Official Journal of the European Union.

And, since the data processing is also carried out with the ERP Mago.net / Mago4 software,we decided to put at your disposal a data sheet that can help you set correctly the data protection policy, the processing carried out and the security measures implemented with Mago suites.

You can consult this form on the Documentation page in Microarea's website Private Area.



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