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Mago4 has the innate ability to integrate to expand its functionality. The last SP of Mago and the new IMS accelerate in this direction.

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With the release of Service Pack 1 of Mago4 2.3 and of I.Mago Studio 1.0.8, the integration with Infinity continues to improve, spurred on by feedback from users. In fact, with the new releases two important and useful features are made available.

The first is the so-called massive filter. To initialize the connection between Mago and the Infinity environment (also in the I.Mago configuration), it is necessary to populate Infinity with the data already present in the ERP Mago (for example, data about Customers, Items, Suppliers, Currencies); to perform this action there has always been the procedure of "massive synchronization".

In the new versions of Mago4 and I.Mago Studio, the massive procedure allows the transaction to be carried out in tranches rather than in a single moment. It is natural to wonder why this possibility, since the data must all be included in Infinity. The answer is simple: the new structure of the procedure ensures better performance, with less impact on everyday work.

An example for all: it will be possible to manage the data- filling in Infinity during time slots agreed with the user company, in order to perform the operation in closing times, or, at least, in periods with low operational traffic. In fact, it is important to bear in mind that the massive synchronization procedure, by its nature, requires a lot of resources on the server in which it is performed: the need to synchronize hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of customers, suppliers, articles, etc. it certainly involves several hours of processing. Conversely, the new massive filter will allow us to plan during all the nights of a given week, a range of data to be synchronized with Infinity. In this way every morning, at the time of resumption of normal operation on the ERP system, the server will be free to manage the "normal" requests, without penalizing the company's efficiency in terms of time. It will of course be advisable to start working with Infinity or I.Mago only when the massive synchronization will be completely finished.

Here we are at the second innovation on the integration topic, provided for in Mago4 2.3.1: in synergy with IMS 1.0.8 it is now possible to define which data should be included in the synchronization process. Thanks to a new parameterization / filtering window, the company can define which product categories to flow on Infinity (CRM or E-commerce), which categories customers and suppliers make the object of synchronization, and much more!

These filters act on both the "massive" and "on-time" synchronization operations, ie when a Mago operator modifies or inserts data. If the modified / inserted entity falls within the selected filters, the data will be synchronized, otherwise it will remain only in Mago. This is a great convenience to focus only on what you really need on the crm / e-commerce side.

The improvements to make integrations more and more performing are constantly evolving. You can read everything by consulting the release notes; our advice is always the same: stay tuned!

13 February 2017


I.Mago Studio

The web application I.Mago Studio provides you total and continuous adaptation to your needs in exchanging and synchronizing the data of I.Mago.

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I.Mago Studio is the tool designed to manage in a customized way the data flow of I.Mago.

As you know, I.Mago is the application that puts Mago4 in communication with the world of Infinity Zucchetti and that represents an enrichment and an extension of your ERP: a large collaborative environment that enhances Mago4 functionality thanks to the collaboration features of Infinity Application Framework, Infinity DMS and CRM Infinity Zucchetti.

Although I.Mago was already very rich in functionality, now it's even better to provide you endless customizations and a constant two-way dialogue between Mago4 and Infinity.

With I.Mago Studio you can organize as you best prefer the flow of data provided by I.Mago synchronization engine: you can expand the amount of synchronized data, increase their typology diversification, and be sure that the customizations and specific vertical for Mago4 and / or Infinity will perfectly match to each other.

Technically, the new I.Mago Studio is a real development environment, equipped with a synchronization engine in native web technology that makes it suitable for all operating systems.

All the personalizations realized with I.Mago Studio are at hand: you just need to install the dedicated module I.Mago Custom Flows, that allows you to set in motion the custom flow designed with I.Mago Studio.

I.Mago Studio and I.Mago Custom Flows will be released in late March. For more information, please contact your dealer reference: you will discover that the exclusive I.Mago collaboration environment is really tailored to you!


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