Incremental synchronization

Providing you with a state-of-the-art product is the goal of the integration operated by I.Mago

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Integrating features and product functionality tends to expand your growth opportunities, improving business management by making it faster, more smart ... in short, more efficient.

This in words, but what does all this mean, in practice?

To answer this question, today we want to introduce you to the key features that make I.Mago the perfect tool to respond even more effectively to all the needs in your business management.

Let us now consider the logical principle and the practice of incremental synchronization, a plus of great interest provided by I.Mago.

In technical language, incremental synchronization is defined as the procedure for synchronizing massively all the data following the last modification. In other words, the incremental logic allows you to update data in Infinity starting from the changes made in Mago4, acting just on the elements that have changed since the last execution of the synchronization - think for example at massive updating of VAT codes in clients lists.

With incremental synchronization, in short, you have the right solution to best manage all those situations where, for various reasons, a certain entity has not been synchronized in a timely manner (or real-time, if you prefer).

Let's take a practical example. To perform massive data operations, sometimes you work directly on the database using SQL statements. Consider, for example, to change the product category of a set of items: updating the data with a query on Mago4 database, the information will not be automatically updated on Infinity. This is normal, because the operation performed outside the ERP skips the synchronization system ... but how to do, therefore, to align the data correctly? At this point, the Massive Incremental Synchronization procedure offers a quick and accurate solution to this need. You will only need to update the entity's last edit date (of the item, in our example) and run the procedure.

Let's look at another scenario: for various reasons, it may happen that the Infinity environment is in maintenance, and therefore it is not ready to receive the data synchronization requests from Mago4, at that time. No problem: once Infinity is reactivated, it will be enough to run the Massive Incremental Synchronization procedure in Mago4 to "deliver" to the ERP all Infinity data changes still to be synchronized.

The Massive Synchronization procedure is properly supported by an analytical log to know the details of everything that has been updated and / or synchronized.

Massive Incremental Synchronization is one of the plus of I.Mago and its ability to integrate; to deepen other integration topics - a very "hot" theme, in fact! - and not only, keep reading Mago4's blog.

Waiting for further insights, you can always refer to the specific reports available on the Microarea portal, in the MyMago4 section in the Private Area.