27 November 2018


Integration Management System

IMS is the engine of integration between Mago4's and Infinity's worlds: we discover now how it is able to bring decisive benefits to company's operations.

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As you know, Mago4 is integrated with several software and services of the Zucchetti galaxy. In particular, for the integration with Infinity Zucchetti, there is a specialized engine called IMS.

Before we get to the heart of the matter, let's take a step back: what does it mean to have Infinity Zucchetti? In practice, it means to have a web application (using the browser) to manage the company's CRM, to manage your calendar or the shared business contacts; it also means DMS, document management, with the possibility, thanks to its technology, to display via web any attachment to documents, even ERP ones.

The use of IMS (Integration Management System) is a great step forward for the exchange of data in real time between Mago's and Infinity's environments.

Sometimes, to access new features or an extended set of data to share between applications, the IMS component has to be updated. We are well aware that software updating is often seen as a moment of blocking normal operations with obvious repercussions on company efficiency. To completely eliminate the so-called "downtime" due to the necessary update of the component, we have improved also this aspect: from the new version of IMS (1.0.10) it is in fact possible to update IMS without blocking operations on either Mago or Infinity! Simply, the reference partner will update the integration component in a "silent" way, without disturbing or interrupting anyone's work.

A great benefit for your efficiency and productivity!

What is described above is only one of the new features included in the latest version of the IMS integration engine. You can discover them all by reading the release notes.

New synchronization feature

Mago4 has the innate ability to integrate to expand its functionality. The last SP of Mago and the new IMS accelerate in this direction.

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With the release of Service Pack 1 of Mago4 2.3 and of I.Mago Studio 1.0.8, the integration with Infinity continues to improve, spurred on by feedback from users. In fact, with the new releases two important and useful features are made available.

The first is the so-called massive filter. To initialize the connection between Mago and the Infinity environment (also in the I.Mago configuration), it is necessary to populate Infinity with the data already present in the ERP Mago (for example, data about Customers, Items, Suppliers, Currencies); to perform this action there has always been the procedure of "massive synchronization".

In the new versions of Mago4 and I.Mago Studio, the massive procedure allows the transaction to be carried out in tranches rather than in a single moment. It is natural to wonder why this possibility, since the data must all be included in Infinity. The answer is simple: the new structure of the procedure ensures better performance, with less impact on everyday work.

An example for all: it will be possible to manage the data- filling in Infinity during time slots agreed with the user company, in order to perform the operation in closing times, or, at least, in periods with low operational traffic. In fact, it is important to bear in mind that the massive synchronization procedure, by its nature, requires a lot of resources on the server in which it is performed: the need to synchronize hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of customers, suppliers, articles, etc. it certainly involves several hours of processing. Conversely, the new massive filter will allow us to plan during all the nights of a given week, a range of data to be synchronized with Infinity. In this way every morning, at the time of resumption of normal operation on the ERP system, the server will be free to manage the "normal" requests, without penalizing the company's efficiency in terms of time. It will of course be advisable to start working with Infinity or I.Mago only when the massive synchronization will be completely finished.

Here we are at the second innovation on the integration topic, provided for in Mago4 2.3.1: in synergy with IMS 1.0.8 it is now possible to define which data should be included in the synchronization process. Thanks to a new parameterization / filtering window, the company can define which product categories to flow on Infinity (CRM or E-commerce), which categories customers and suppliers make the object of synchronization, and much more!

These filters act on both the "massive" and "on-time" synchronization operations, ie when a Mago operator modifies or inserts data. If the modified / inserted entity falls within the selected filters, the data will be synchronized, otherwise it will remain only in Mago. This is a great convenience to focus only on what you really need on the crm / e-commerce side.

The improvements to make integrations more and more performing are constantly evolving. You can read everything by consulting the release notes; our advice is always the same: stay tuned!

19 February 2018


SP 2 for Mago4 2.0

The update of Mago4 2.0, related to recent italian regulatory developments, is available for download.

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The new SP 2 of Mago4 2.0 contains several improvements in different functional areas; as always, the update incorporates the latest regulatory developments. In this case in particular the SP adopts the adjustments required by Italian Government for the CU 2018, a tax document that taxpayers must produce to certify the income from work.

These changes concern the communication of some contents of the CU 2018: title, personal data and data of the self-employed. The transmission of CU is scheduled for March 7, 2018. With its SP 2, Mago4 2.0 therefore updates the procedure already existing in Financials Accounting, to allow you print on the new models the information that, as before, are extracted mainly from bills and supplier details.

In Financials Accounting area, Mago4 2.0.2 also establishes a new menu titled Old Declarations, where the tax declarations no longer in force have been moved. It is also possible to parameterize the link to the Revenue Agency website, while the Accounting Entries Management have updated the default and sample parameters data.

About integration with Zucchetti Infinity: Mago4 2.0 SP2 improves the use of I.Mago configuration wizard, which becomes even more user-friendly. In addition, a specific improvement allows you, in presence of several companies, to choose whether to use the management of mail on the Mago4 side or the Infinity side.

The Mago4 SP2 2.0 also improves the interface of the punctual synchronization panel, clearly distinguishing the available information about synchronization between the ones regarding the status of data and those relating to the technical data of synchronization. Also the synchronization status signal is more readable and immediate, thanks to the adoption of a green smiley to indicate "everything is OK" and a warning triangle in case of error (with possible text message).

As always, in this post we have only briefly mentioned the improvements introduced by SP2: for a complete discussion you can refer to the release notes and the reports available on the portal, in Private area. If your MLU is active, the download of Mago4 2.0 SP 2 is free: just download it from the private area and ask your reference dealer for installation. If your MLU has expired, contact your dealer and find out how to stay up-to-date.

Sincronizzazione Mago4 Infinity

The new Web Monitor is an innovative and technologically advanced tool, able to guarantee constant, total control over the sharing of data between your Mago4 ERP and Infinity ... wherever you are.

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Both I.Mago, as well as Mago4 integrated with Infinity, represent an operational configuration that extends your ERP and allows you to have perfectly synchronized work environments, with congruent data and punctual information, always available, on the status of synchronizations between Mago4 and Infinity Zucchetti.

We have already dealt with the crucial issue of synchronicity between systems: when you begin to create an integrated environment from scratch (made up of either Mago + Infinity or I.Mago), one of the preliminary operations is precisely the so-called "massive synchronization". It is this procedure that allows Infinity to "know" Mago4's data; in practice thousands of customers, suppliers, articles and many other elements are synchronized by Mago towards Infinity, thus forming a sort of common ground on which to operate.

Massive synchronization, however complex, is totally automated and perfectly monitored ... today more than ever!

Thanks to the new Web Monitor you can check at any time the progress of the "massive", both from the core of Mago, through the appropriate menu item, either opening any browser and connecting to the page published by the same Web Monitor (with a URL which, for example, will look like this: http: // my_server_mago: 5015 / SynchroMonitor).

The new Monitor is a web application that uses the latest technologies in the sector - it is in fact developed in .net Core and Angular4 - and is designed to be seamlessly integrated with the Mago4 Data Synchronizer.

What are the advantages of the Web Monitor? It is easy to say. Just think of the convenience of being able to examine the situation, not only from anywhere on the corporate network, but also from outside, simply by configuring the visibility of this page from the Internet. Indeed, to consult the information is not even necessary to install Mago4! Of course, if you are - as it were - "on board" of Mago4, Web Monitor is able to offer you even more: thanks to the appropriate button, you can access all related management information. Increasingly, integration and collaboration between extended ERP, Mago4 and the Infinity world are expanding and consolidating, to enhance your ERP by implementing features that go beyond those of a simple ERP and facilitate every aspect of your business.

Do you want to know even more? Please contact your dealer reference, or visit the I.Mago website and request information.

I.Mago features

Integration is a hot subject, whose reality is rapidly evolving. Here is an overview of the main features offered by your ERP.

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The integration between Mago4 and the Zucchetti galaxy allows a thorough dialogue between systems, thanks to the constant exchange of information, with the result of offering your company all the plus of an integrated, extensive and powerful structure.

As you know, your ERP Mago4 is enhanced by the functionalities of I.Mago, the application that connects Mago4 with the Infinity Zucchetti world by enhancing the functionality of Mago4 with Infinity Zucchetti's features dedicated to Document Management System (Infinity DMS), Customer Relationship Management (Infinity CRM) and Collaboration (Infinity Application Framework, IAF) with, for example, mail and calendar applications. This union allows you to put the ERP engine into a broad collaborative environment, enhanced by a great integration of procedures and a fluid user experience.

But that's not all: the commitment to make the integration between systems increasingly smooth and complete is constant, as shown by the numbers of I.Mago. Just think that in less than a year - since the launch of I.Mago in July 2016 - there are over 50 new features added to integration.

Do you want to have some proof of that? Nothing could be easier!

Among the most useful improvements, we find the extent of the I.Mago synchronization capabilities, which now offers the possibility to synchronize in Infinity also the DMS documents so-called "extended", or attachments that do not strictly belong to the CRM data, as for example, the attachmentsto related to the passive cycle documents.

In addition, I.Mago constantly increases the number of new data handled in sync from Mago4 to Infinity CRM. Just To give an example, in the customer database is now present the code for agent of other sites, which previously was not included in the set of synchronized data. The same principle applies, always by way of example, to the notes in the "people" of customer master data.

Incremental synchronization is for sure another I.Mago plus of great interest. In technical language, incremental synchronization is defined as the procedure for synchronizing massively all the data that come after batch procedures. In other words, the incremental logic allows you to update data in Infinity strating from the changes made in Mago4, acting just on the elements that have changed since the last execution of the synchronization - think for example at massive updating of VAT codes in clients lists.

Moreover, I.Mago sees a steady and strong expansion of the synchronized data structure, with consequent positive effect of a more and more accurate and improved dialogue between Zucchetti Infinity and Mago4. A specific case is represented by the management of customer prices / items, previously excluded from the branches taken into account by the synchronization engine.

In this post we have just mentioned some of the features of I.Mago, but there are many other topics related to the integration with Zucchetti's solutions that deserve a close-up. One for all is the I.Mago Studio development environment, that as you know was released in March 2017...and that is already equipped with a new engine!

A great way to learn more about the integrations designed for Mago4 is to continue following this blog: we will often discuss this topic. If in the meantime you want to explore the theme of integration, we recommend that you refer to the special reports available on the Microarea portal, in the section MyMago4 of Restricted Area.

Mago4 1.3

Let's briefly explore the latest release of Mago4, containing many improvements designed to increase efficiency in all sectors.

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The latest release of your ERP Mago4 includes interesting news for each business area, and particularly with regard to new themes available for the user interface, the electronic invoicing to Public Administration and B2B billing, the new features of TESAN connector (to dialogue with the Zucchetti solution for data transmission to the health card system), new methods of valuation and costing in Manufacturing area, new features for Brazilian localization (Credit Limit Management module, picking list, tax note via Magic Link).

A special mention, however, is a must for the integrations and refinements developed both for integrations between Infinity Zucchetti and Mago4, and the application I.Mago.

The management system for the massive synchronization process has surely to be underlined in this context. Starting from the changes made in Mago4, the new incremental logic allows you to update data in I.Mago and Infinity operating only on items that have been modified since the last synchronization (think for instance to the update of tax codes in the customer master data).

With the Mago4 1.3 release, we also find the expansion of the data synchronized from Mago to Infinity CRM (such as data relating to the area manager of the agents) and also the increase of the attachements to the documents concerned by the sync (just to mention a couple of examples: Sale Orders and Purchase Orders).

In terms of integration with Infinity DMS, a number of documents are imported along with their detailed information (folder and attributes), thus completing the documentary profile of Infinity DMS.

Last, but surely not the least of the features introduced with Mago4 1.3, is the new Status Bar on the Infinity document form. It is an indicator of the sync state of data from Mago4 to Infinity and vice versa, indicating through flags of different colors its progress and providing information about the type of synchronization (eg if it is massive, punctual etc. ..).

As you can imagine, in this post we have only mentioned some of the many improvements in this release, but the news are so many that it is impossible to analyze them all herein!

To know all the details we suggest you to read the specific reports available on Microarea portal (MyMago4 section, Private Area).

We also recommend you to download the 1.3 release of Mago4 by requiring the intervention of your reference Dealer. As always, the download is free for those who have subscribed and maintained active the Live Update service (M.L.U.). If your M.L.U. has expired, please call us at 800-012573 and discover how to be always up to date.


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