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Are you ready for perfect integration? With the introduction of Infinity 4.0 there is much to discover.

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Many people know that Mago has an important and consolidated integration with Infinity Zucchetti to expand the management functions transforming it from "only" ERP, to "extended ERP".

Having an extended ERP means being able to use collaboration tools such as planners, appointments, e-mails from a single integrated system. It allows you to fully manage the phases of searching for new customers and upselling, retaining existing customers, managing negotiations and much more.

You certainly also know I.Mago.

I.Mago is the expression of the maximum integration between Zucchetti products: in addition to offering what has already been said above, it allows you to switch from one environment to another in a completely transparent way thanks to the automatic recognition of the user, display real-time ERP data directly on the virtual desk within a web page; it allows you to unify the sending of the mailing via Mago improving and centralizing the management ... and there is much more, too.

Until a few days ago this was only possible with the Infinity 2.4 platform. Thanks to the latest updates of Mago and the latest Infinity patches, both Mago.net and Mago4 are now certified to integrate with Infinity 4.0. For I.Mago it will be enough to wait until May 31st to enjoy all the benefits of I.Mago in Infinity 4.0 "mode"! Everything is even simpler, beautiful and functional. To see, to try, to use!

If you want more information about I.Mago 4.0, the integration Mago+Infinity or Infinity 4.0, ask your Mago Dealer.

19 February 2018


SP 2 for Mago4 2.0

The update of Mago4 2.0, related to recent italian regulatory developments, is available for download.

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The new SP 2 of Mago4 2.0 contains several improvements in different functional areas; as always, the update incorporates the latest regulatory developments. In this case in particular the SP adopts the adjustments required by Italian Government for the CU 2018, a tax document that taxpayers must produce to certify the income from work.

These changes concern the communication of some contents of the CU 2018: title, personal data and data of the self-employed. The transmission of CU is scheduled for March 7, 2018. With its SP 2, Mago4 2.0 therefore updates the procedure already existing in Financials Accounting, to allow you print on the new models the information that, as before, are extracted mainly from bills and supplier details.

In Financials Accounting area, Mago4 2.0.2 also establishes a new menu titled Old Declarations, where the tax declarations no longer in force have been moved. It is also possible to parameterize the link to the Revenue Agency website, while the Accounting Entries Management have updated the default and sample parameters data.

About integration with Zucchetti Infinity: Mago4 2.0 SP2 improves the use of I.Mago configuration wizard, which becomes even more user-friendly. In addition, a specific improvement allows you, in presence of several companies, to choose whether to use the management of mail on the Mago4 side or the Infinity side.

The Mago4 SP2 2.0 also improves the interface of the punctual synchronization panel, clearly distinguishing the available information about synchronization between the ones regarding the status of data and those relating to the technical data of synchronization. Also the synchronization status signal is more readable and immediate, thanks to the adoption of a green smiley to indicate "everything is OK" and a warning triangle in case of error (with possible text message).

As always, in this post we have only briefly mentioned the improvements introduced by SP2: for a complete discussion you can refer to the release notes and the reports available on the portal, in Private area. If your MLU is active, the download of Mago4 2.0 SP 2 is free: just download it from the private area and ask your reference dealer for installation. If your MLU has expired, contact your dealer and find out how to stay up-to-date.

I.Mago features

Integration is a hot subject, whose reality is rapidly evolving. Here is an overview of the main features offered by your ERP.

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The integration between Mago4 and the Zucchetti galaxy allows a thorough dialogue between systems, thanks to the constant exchange of information, with the result of offering your company all the plus of an integrated, extensive and powerful structure.

As you know, your ERP Mago4 is enhanced by the functionalities of I.Mago, the application that connects Mago4 with the Infinity Zucchetti world by enhancing the functionality of Mago4 with Infinity Zucchetti's features dedicated to Document Management System (Infinity DMS), Customer Relationship Management (Infinity CRM) and Collaboration (Infinity Application Framework, IAF) with, for example, mail and calendar applications. This union allows you to put the ERP engine into a broad collaborative environment, enhanced by a great integration of procedures and a fluid user experience.

But that's not all: the commitment to make the integration between systems increasingly smooth and complete is constant, as shown by the numbers of I.Mago. Just think that in less than a year - since the launch of I.Mago in July 2016 - there are over 50 new features added to integration.

Do you want to have some proof of that? Nothing could be easier!

Among the most useful improvements, we find the extent of the I.Mago synchronization capabilities, which now offers the possibility to synchronize in Infinity also the DMS documents so-called "extended", or attachments that do not strictly belong to the CRM data, as for example, the attachmentsto related to the passive cycle documents.

In addition, I.Mago constantly increases the number of new data handled in sync from Mago4 to Infinity CRM. Just To give an example, in the customer database is now present the code for agent of other sites, which previously was not included in the set of synchronized data. The same principle applies, always by way of example, to the notes in the "people" of customer master data.

Incremental synchronization is for sure another I.Mago plus of great interest. In technical language, incremental synchronization is defined as the procedure for synchronizing massively all the data that come after batch procedures. In other words, the incremental logic allows you to update data in Infinity strating from the changes made in Mago4, acting just on the elements that have changed since the last execution of the synchronization - think for example at massive updating of VAT codes in clients lists.

Moreover, I.Mago sees a steady and strong expansion of the synchronized data structure, with consequent positive effect of a more and more accurate and improved dialogue between Zucchetti Infinity and Mago4. A specific case is represented by the management of customer prices / items, previously excluded from the branches taken into account by the synchronization engine.

In this post we have just mentioned some of the features of I.Mago, but there are many other topics related to the integration with Zucchetti's solutions that deserve a close-up. One for all is the I.Mago Studio development environment, that as you know was released in March 2017...and that is already equipped with a new engine!

A great way to learn more about the integrations designed for Mago4 is to continue following this blog: we will often discuss this topic. If in the meantime you want to explore the theme of integration, we recommend that you refer to the special reports available on the Microarea portal, in the section MyMago4 of Restricted Area.

Food sector

The management of production processes in the food industry is a complex one: the choice of the software focuses on the solution that is able to better manage production.

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TRAXAL is the solution proposed by Zucchetti Group to handle any type of production in the food sector. The simplicity and flexibility are the key to success of TRAXAL that in fact boasts a first-class references park, as well as 15 years of experience in SMEs.

TRAXAL is able to deal with specific issues such as the connection with handheld terminals and readers barcode, scales and automatic weighing and labeling systems, the double measurement unit management, the extended lot traceability according to current regulations, the weight loss in the warehouse and decomposed bills of materials.

Applied to a greater extent in the meat industry, for the slaughter, processing, slicing and logistics, in the cured meat factory, TRAXAL also has specific functionalities for te dairies, solving specific issues such as turns of milk collection, connection with PLC governing system, seasoning stages and packaging. TRAXAL’s experience is solid also in the sector of gastronomy (fresh and stuffed pasta), in the processing of balsamic vinegar, in the fruit and vegetable quality control systems, in production cycles of freeze-dried and dietetic foods.

TRAXAL has particularly interesting modules, such as production and advanced logistics management, allowing you to computerize the distribution platforms of mass retail and ensuring food traceability, product data sheets management transposing European directives concerning nutritional data, allergens and the storage of certificates and labels. Also the measurement of Overall Equipment Effectivess indices (OEE) according to the Lean Manufacturing methodologies is managed by TRAXAL, that also provides the analysis of the real costs of production and the complete management of warehouse logistics.

The specific skills of the solution in production logics, automation and factory automation systems, together with the native opening of Mago4 to the dialogue with solutions for a variety of business needs, make TRAXAL predisposed to integrate with your ERP, expanding its efficiency with specific functionalities for food production.

To further deepen you can read the TRAXAL brochure; for more information please get in touch with your reference reseller.


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