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Discover the functionality of Mago4 designed to modify and correct issued invoices, in accordance with the regulations of several countries.

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Which is one of the most common operations within a company? The answer is simple: the production of tax documents, of course! It goes without saying that a large amount of documents involves the risk of making mistakes in their creation: it can happen to issue an incorrect bill and having to change it.

In fact, the reasons why it may be necessary to modify a tax document are several and not necessarily related to a compilation error: think at the returns of goods - both total and partial -, positive or negative price variations, any differences between the quantities actually shipped and those invoiced, just to mention some examples.

It is obvious that this can be done in relation to your reference tax system or that of a foreign country. Here, then, the features of the ERP Mago4 dedicated to internationalization come to aid you.

Let us examine the particular case of a correction invoice and see how it works in some localizations of Mago4. We know that in some countries such as Romania, Hungary, Poland, to correct a tax document already issued, it is necessary to use the Correction Invoice, a procedure implemented in Mago4 right to localize some European countries.

The documents most involved by the correction invoice procedure are invoices and tax receipts, although other documents may also be subject to it, such as customer and supplier returns and accompanying invoices. Mago4 is of course able to manage a correction invoice for all these types of tax documents.

Using the proper button on the Mago4 toolbar, you automatically create invoices from the document to be corrected. The document thus generated, reports exactly all the data of the original, except for the signs that are reversed - that is, negative. As an alternative to this automation, the user may also decide to use the correction document directly by uploading the document to be corrected through the researcher.

In Mago4, the compilation process is very simple: either using the toolbar button, and using the researcher, the correction invoice is pre-filled with the data of the original document. You only have to enter the new values replacing the previous ones.

To distinguish between the correction values and the initial ones, Mago4 provides that corrective data are identified with a negative sign and are not editable. In case of returned goods, then, the user can easily indicate the amount to be added in column locally associated.

To avoid erroneously repeating the same correction on the same document, Mago4 provides a warning message that is not blocking, unless a total return is made on the quantities.

In addition, Mago4 always proposes the values for the last document recorded using the progressive numbering of tax documents: so it is easy to avoid the risk of making an amount larger than the original one. However, you can always decide to correct several times the same document, in which case the program will use the latest corrected data as the starting values for any further corrections.

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