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A novelty for the Spanish market introduced with the SP 3 of Mago4 2.4 is the introduction of the localization of Fixed Assets module.

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In order for an ERP software to be defined as "international", it is essential that it is natively prepared to take into account the specific needs and peculiarities of different countries. Think, for example, of tax rules, traceability requirements, invoicing systems, and much more. Given this innate openness, taking action at the level of development on individual localizations will be able to adequately meet all the needs of the country to which the product is addressed.

You know that the ERP Mago4 is a management system born with these characteristics and that is able to adapt to any context: not by chance it is widespread in more than 30 countries around the world.

Today we are examining a specific case concerning financials-accounting management in Spain, extended by the localization of the Mago4’s Fixed Assets module. It is well known that each country has its own way of managing and calculating depreciation; based on the requests for the management of the administrative functions of the country Spain - for which the Fixed Assets module had not yet been localized - a whole series of specific features are available with the SP 3 of Mago4 2.4.

In Localization Spain, therefore, important functions have been activated for the Fixed Assets module, such as the management of tax and budgetary depreciation schemes (the latter called "technical" in Spain), default data relating to reasons, categories and parameters, partial deductibility in the tax system. In addition, the monthly calculation of the depreciation rates has been included, as well as the possibility of recording them in the accounts on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, depending on a specific parameter.

An interesting note to confirm the flexibility of the Mago4 ERP: the management of depreciation for Spain descends from that currently in use in Hungary and Poland, whose features have been extended to the Spanish localization since the new update of Mago4 2.4.

The localization of the Fixed Assets module is just one of the new features introduced by the SP3 of the Mago4 2.4. To know all of them, please consult the release notes in the Private Area. Downloading the Service Pack is as always free if your MLU is active, otherwise we suggest you contact your local dealer, as well as to install the SP.

New release 2.1 and SP1

A long post that is just a taste of the main product news.

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The 2.1 release and its Service Pack reserve many new features in all functional areas. Let's see the main ones.

In the Financials Accounting Area , Mago4 2.1 improves data management with the tabular management of data relating to Municipalities, Provinces and Regions, which allows all master data to select these specifics consistently to the ISO code indicated in the registry itself. The new tabular data are updated automatically during the database refresh from the Console, and include any new data and the updating of existing ones. The contents of the new tables comply with the activation country. Furthermore, the list of Italian municipalities has been updated, in compliance with the amendments in force since 1/2/2017.

Another new feature is the Mago4's Connector to Maestro software which, as you may recall, replaces the Bilancio & Oltre software. The Connector between Mago4 and Maestro makes it possible to export balances through an excel file to be imported into Maestro; the file is generated by a procedure based on a dedicated reclassification scheme that maps Maestro's entries with Mago4's accounts.

In the Logistics Area, the latest Mago4 release gives a new twist to the German localization , thanks to new and important projects implemented to meet local needs. Of particular importance is the introduction of the proposition of the counterpart and of the VAT code in the documents according to the local accounting rules. In Germany, accounting movements must be recorded in the accounts on the basis of specific tax rules; Mago4 2.1 implements the Accounting Rules , which allow you to have always the right proposition of the VAT code and of the counterpart in the purchase and sale documents. This ensures maximum flexibility, starting with the various master data in which the user can recall the Accounting Rule. Another project of the new release concerns a particular management valid in Germany: the discount for prepayment. In Germany in fact there is the concept of "Skonto", according to which a customer can get a discount by paying before the agreed date. In Mago4 2.1 it is possible to define and calculate this discount, to correctly manage its validity and accounting registration and to manage it with reference to the Account, as well as to take it into account in the Payment Conditions, in the Purchase and Sale documents and in the Matches.

Other specific needs faced in the commercial and logistics area are those for Poland localization. In particular, Mago4 2.1 takes over the Polish need to correct an invoice for a fiscal year different from that in which the correction invoice is generated, and in which an account that is no longer transferable is used, from which 2 sub-accounts have been created. In Mago4 2.1 the counterpart field is made editable on the correction invoice, in the event that the counterpart can not be post. In fact, the Polish regulations establish that an account with secondary accounts can not be posted.

Mago4 2.1 also enriches the Brazilian localization, in particular with the procedure Manifestação do Destinatário (Recipient Manifestation) in the Procedures section of the Fiscal Notes: a series of events that allow the recipient of the electronic invoice to manifest himself, confirming the information provided by the issuer of the fiscal document. The goal is to provide greater security in corporate tax transactions (for example, an invoice for which confirmation is issued can no longer be canceled by the issuer). From the 2.1 release, Mago4 is able to send and receive verifiable communications in absolute safety, thanks to a specific Monitor.

In confirmation of the increasing completeness and relevance of your ERP at international level, Mago4 2.1 presents the introduction in the Inventory area of ​​the Weighted Average of the Period, a valuation criterion widely used in international markets. Therefore, this model can now be applied for evaluating the final inventories; according to it, the outputs are valued at the average cost of the items received in the warehouse during the same period.

There is much more: for example, the Migration of Item Balances in the warehouse, that is further improved to meet the most varied needs, the ability to enter the counterparts in the customers and suppliers offers, the reorganization of the Summary and Deadlines Data in sales/purchase documents, or the increasing usability of the WMS thanks to the saving and restitution of some settings within the Stock Transfer procedure, not to mention the integration between Mago4 and the Zucchetti Saleforce Mobile app.

Last but certainly not least, the SP1 of Mago4 2.1 addresses and simplifies the theme of electronic invoicing: for those using the Zucchetti Digital Hub online service to send electronic documents, the Assosoftware format is now available on Mago4. This standard, which respects the whole ministerial format and the controls provided by the Interchange System, allows to generate complete, detailed and easier electronic documents thanks to a several additional codings shared among all the Software Houses adhering to this standard.

It is really impossible to present all the news in this space: this is why the best solution is to download the release notes from the Private Area of ​​the Microarea website. As always, updates are free for those who have maintained the MLU service. Otherwise, contact us and we will let you know the benefits of the Live Update service. In any case, the advice is to request the intervention of your reseller for the installation of updates.

Romania M4 2.0.1

The 2.0 release of Mago4, released at the beginning of December, as well as its SP 1, arrived just over a month later, refine several processes of the administrative area, basic for the Romania localization.

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Among the most important improvements made by the ERP Mago4 2.0 and specifically designed for Romania localization, you can find the Issued Bills of exchange and Checks management, introduced on the liabilities side, to pay suppliers. This issuing procedure not only allows you to issue one or more checks or bills of exchange - specifying for each one number, amount, expiry date, place and date of issue - but also to use previously created blank checks / bills of exchange, or to transfer to a supplier a check / bill received from a customer. It is possible to create blank checks or bills of exchange to be completed later, during the issuing phase.

Based on the amounts indicated, the procedure therefore proposes an automatic selection of the entries to be closed; similarly, the issue, payment and outstanding procedures also generate the related accounting entry.

The subsequent SP 1 of Mago4 2.0 also introduces the management of Split VAT. In this regard, it should be noted that starting from January 2018 in Romania the new Split Tax system enters into force, and becomes mandatory for some VAT subjects. This system requires that the payment of the invoices takes place in two separate transactions: the taxable amount must be paid into the "standard" bank account, while the VAT Tax must be paid on a special tax account that each Vat subject must have. These specific accounts, opened by the Country for each VAT subject, are regulated by special rules for the creation of the IBAN, and allow only the collection and payment of VAT. In case of cash, debit or credit card payments, the company receiving the invoice total in payment must transfer the Tax amount in its own Tax account within 7 days from receipt.

Mago4 simplifies everything, setting whether the company is subject to the Split Tax system, and identifying which suppliers are subject and which customers are excluded. Furthermore, Mago4 allows the Clearing to propose the taxable amount of the invoice when the type of payment is bank transfer, and the invoice total in other cases. A new Tax Clearing procedure allows you to post the collected/paid Tax directly on the Tax account specified into the Preferences; it is also introduced a report that allows you to calculate the Tax amount related to documents collected/paid for the total, to be transferred to your Tax account within 7 days.

To find out more you can consult the release notes and / or the Help Center on the Microarea portal, or contact us for more information.

M4 1.3.1 updates Brazil

Amongst the many improvements made by Service Pack 1 of Mago4 1.3, we find several updates specifically formulated for Brazilian market.

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Here is a brief preview about the enhancements provided by the last Mago4 Service Pack for the Brazilian localization.

In Financial - Accounting area, the main new feature refers to Payable & Receivable for Brazil country: check management has been extended in order to manage instances with an amount different than the total payment schedule. In this way allowances, interests and advances have been integrated with Check Receiving management: Check Receiving procedure allows to post possible negative discounts/allowances - if the check received is lower than the selected installment value - , or possible positive interests, or an advance-type payable/receivable, in the event that the received check amount is greater than the selected installment.

In Logistics Area, the Tax proposition system of Mago4 is now even more sophisticated. In fact the Operation Type in present in the Nota Fiscal Type has been added even in the General Tax Rule table: so, the Operation Type can now be set at rule level. The rule proposed on the Nota Fiscal row considers now the correspondence with the operation type set in the Nota Fiscal Type.

With Mago4 1.3.1 Sales Force Management module is released with special features for Brazilian localization; in the module, commissions are calculated according to Fiscal Note type and are visible and editable on Fiscal Note. On-collected commissions take into account the type of payment, by check based on their date of receipt or transfer.

News do not end there: if you want to learn more, please read the post dedicated to Mago4 1.3.1, soon on this blog, or see the release notes in the Private Area of Microarea website.

Mago4 SP1.2.1

Mago4 Service Pack 1.2.1 introduces improvements in any business sector, for several international localizations.

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With the new 1.2.1 service pack for Mago4, your ERP further improves in all business sectors and countries.

The main innovations of the last SP provide indeed specific functionalities for both the international market, and the Italian one.

First, then, let's talk about Electronic Invoicing, where Mago4 now manages references to the CIG code (identifying the tendering) up to 15 characters, as required by some public administrations, instead of up to 10 as in previous versions.

The news are also on the front of integration with Infinity Zucchetti: in Infinity CRM the functions of encoding Article for customer and Minimum Quantity Available for sale have been activated.

On the other hand, I.Mago offers improvements to the customization: the management of Infinity menu presents an entry point for each loaded customization and/or vertical solution. With I.Mago, also Infinity DMS documents can be displayed in an even more immediate way, thanks to the direct connection of the customer and supplier master data in Mago4 with the Document Management System in Infinity.

Coming to a more clearly international scenario, Mago4 has now the complete dictionaries in Bulgarian language, thus completing the linguistic localization process for all management areas; still in Bulgarian localization, the VAT registers have been modified to adapt them to the new rules, valid since 2016.

In addition, in Swiss and Hungarian (and also Italian) localization, Mago4 manages bank transfers to foreign banks that do not manage neither the IBAN code nor Bank, nor Branch codes, such as the US banks. Again for Hungary, thanks to Mago4 SP1.2.1 the print of Bank transfers’ XML file considers the payment orders and expresses amounts also in foreign currencies. Furthermore, new types of VAT registers have been introduced, sorted by code, with calculation of subtotal when changing the VAT code.

Mago4 SP1.2.1 presents its most interesting features in the localization dedicated to Brazil.

In Orders area, it is introduced the supplier quotation and purchase order charge, that provide the same charges present in the Fiscal Note document (including insurance, shipment and additional charges, so as already provided in the customer quotation and sale order).

With regard to Purchase, the SP 1.2.1, Makes you able to edit information related to Payment Schedules in the Fiscal Note for suppliers, even if already approved. During the import process it is now possible to specify cost center, cash and chart of accounts: in this way, the user can indicate directly in the procedure the information, that will be automatically listed in Payables and Receivables during the Fiscal Note generation.

In Sales and Purchase area, you can now enter additional information about the Article, a specific set of data of each individual supply, to be reported into Fiscal Notes. Furthermore, in the Article master data of Mago4, the FCI field was added (Ficha de Conteúdo Importação), where you can now enter the unique number, that is attributed at national level. Mago4 SP1.2.1 also manages the Fiscal Note for the export of goods.

The improvement in Payables and Receivables concerns the amendment in calculating of "our number" and free barcode by the Caixa Bank.

The news that we have just examined are really a lot, but they do not end there! Mago4 SP 1.2.1 includes many other improvements in all business areas; discover all product enhancements and upgrades into MyMago4 area, and download now the Service Pack for Mago4.

To perform the upgrade, please ask your reference Reseller, and remember: the download is available for those who have subscribed and maintained active the Live Update service (M.L.U.). If your M.L.U. has expired, no fear! You just need to contact the International Sales Department, to discover the convenience of being up-to-date.

Mago4 for global market

2016, July 1st: Mago4 is fully operative on the international stage, to expand your business horizons!

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As you know Mago4 meets any need of globalization, with features able to support full international localizations. Mago4 is indeed an ERP designed in a international perspective, because it speaks several languages, manages the foreign currency and adapts to different tax regulations.

You can immediately catch the advantages of this global opening: starting from July, 1st, Mago4 is officially available for the international market, complete with all functional localization for Brazil, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Romania, Switzerland and Hungary.

Likewise, the languages currently available are Portuguese, German / Swiss, Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.

Rely on Mago4 to manage by now your business in the international arena: the location for the country selected is activated during the installation of Mago4 ... and everything is easier.

Not by chance, Mago4 is present across national boundaries with over 200 installations, 60 resellers and a number of joint venture between Italian Resellers and Foreign Partners to offer customized solutions.

Contact your reference reseller for more information.


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