Mago Magix Connector

Another connector makes your Mago more and more flexible and open to integration with third-party solutions: here is a new, great simplification for Financial - Accounting area!

By Gianluca Caltabiano - Edited by Marketing Department

Thanks to a new connector designed for the ERP Mago you can now handle the Administrative area in an even more productive and accurate way. Through the export of account balances, in fact, the new connector Magix Fisco Aziende enables the exchange of data between your ERP software Mago and the software for accountants Magix Fisco Aziende by Apogeo, a Zucchetti Group Company.

Magix Fisco Azienda is a comprehensive tax suite that on one hand allows the consultant to develop taxes directly at the company, and on the other hand allows the companies themselves to prepare tax in total independence.

Importing balances makes it possible to carry out a series of tax compliance, since the import is not only the starting point to prepare the EU budget and the Explanatory Notes, but also the archive to fill out income charts for natural persons, companies and organizations, as well as the model of regional tax on production (Italian IRAP).

In Mago, within the new Magix Fisco Azienda Connector, there is a special procedure to export the account balances. The procedure, known as Export Balances in Magix, allows you to set an end date for processing, in order to calculate also interim balances to be exported; in addition, you have the possibility to view and / or print audit reports of the export file contents, where the account code and description is specified, with the corresponding balance in Debit or Credit; you can also set the save path of the file.

Thanks to the connector between Mago and the software Magix Fisco Azienda you have now available a dialogue system integrated to your ERP, in order to acquire the information required for the automatic compilation of financial statements and tax models.

The new Magix Fisco Azienda Connector is localized for Italy and has as a prerequisite the Accounting module; you can view the Connector in your Mago, simply by activating it as a module from the console.

Please feel free to contact your the reference reseller for more information.