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Some important updates recently released concern the Digital Communications component for Mago4 and, Italian localization.

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The updates of the Digital Communications for Mago4 and contain some improvements for the electronic invoicing, with particular regard to the additional fields required by the Mass Market on the XML layout.

This update provides for a parameterization that allows you to use the Net Price as a Unit Price and, consequently, not to report on the electronic invoice the discount / increase applied to the Unit Value. The choice to hide the discount / increase can be made in general on the parameters of the company or individual customer and affects the XML of all documents subject to electronic invoicing of customers for which the parameterization will be valid.

The component replaces the one already present in Mago4 2.4 and 3.14.6, and can be installed according to the procedure described in the HelpCenter.

It is important to remember that installation of the package does not require the updating of vertical or customized modules that may be installed together with the ERP software.

Updates to the Digital Communications component are available in the download area (on the "family" page of the related product) for Mago4 2.4 and 3.14.6.

For any information please contact your refernce reseller.


Reduce risks thanks to an ERP solution that protects your safety.

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The ERP system is the heart of the operation and activities of the company. Mago4 is an extremely open and integrated system, where the traditional solutions for data security, already present in, have been strengthened.

Mago4 comes ready to handle the increasing number of points of access to business systems outside of traditional IT security perimeter, thanks to Security services with increasing safety levels.

By combining tasks to key roles within the company, the Mago4 interface is tailor-made based on the individual role, and this happens right from the home page.

So you have available a personalized operational tool according to individual preferences and different working styles, along with continuous monitoring regarding access to the most sensible data.

And you can manage your business with confidence.

With this post we arrived at the end of episodes dedicated to the top 10 reasons to switch from to Mago4: find them all posted on this blog. If you also want to have an overview, in the Documentation section of this site you can find a brochure that summarizes all the points discussed on the blog. Download it now!

Remember: these are only 10 good reasons to move to the new Mago4 ERP ... there are many more just waiting to be experienced by you.

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Mago4: the future is here, and it is digital

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To be competitive, your business must be able to count on digital assets.

Business requirements have in fact evolved and dematerialization is starring on the present scenario, as the result of a true digital transformation, often regulated according to law: document management, digital storage, electronic invoicing are just a few aspects of this trend.

Dematerialization is the key to increase the efficiency and speed your business processes, cutting down costs and consumption. Thanks to Mago4 you create your digital archive, store all the documents according to law, classify, share, distribute and find your data ... with just one click. All of this is possible thanks to DMS advanced tools and Mago4 ability to fully integrate within Zucchetti solutions designed for electronic storage.

With Mago4 you can implement a genuine digital strategy, able to enrich your company through innovation, efficiency and control.

Mago4 is the right way to grow your business, in every sector and in every country.

To find out other good reasons to move to Mago4, please continue reading our blog!

10 good reasons to migrate to Mago4

An ERP solution that encourages your growth, even abroad.

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Does your business look ahead? If the answer is yes, then you will find that Mago4 offers all the technology to evolve. Mago4 is the ERP solution that supports and fosters your business goals; it is a real engine for the development of the company.

Mago4 easily adapts to new processes and business lines, and it is able to scale to meet new requirements as they arise, without sacrificing performance or impact on your initial IT investment.

If your business is aiming to expand on international markets, Mago4 is really the solution for you! is already an international ERP, but with Mago4 its foundations have been intensively strengthened, to accommodate the highly international vocation of your ERP and allow companies to open themselves to any foreign localization.

With Mago4, natively designed for internationalization, you are on the international market thanks to the strong and strategic localized support both at functional and linguistic level, as well as on the regulatory, fiscal and currency field. For instance, you will find that all documents for foreign countries can be printed in the target language; if the specific language is not included in Mago4, the default language will still be English.

Mago4 is the right way to grow your business, in every sector and in every country.

There are still many good reasons to move to Mago4! Please continue reading our blog in order to find them all!


Mago4 is an open ERP that fits your needs, with the power of a suite.

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Needs differ by industry sector, they enhance and specialize while your company grows. For your ERP this has never been a limit. It would seem impossible to "do better", yet Mago4 is able to go even further, offering you a series of independent components designed to create and host custom solutions for your business and accommodate the third-party solutions that best meet your needs.

Thanks to the concept of technological upgrade and suite of integrated products, Mago4 allows you to do even more, and better. Mago4, TaskBuilder Studio and TaskBuilder Framework are indeed able, together, to cover all needs of development and business. By implementing the components of Mago4 suites, you have the opportunity to work with external applications, to open up to new applications or integration projects.

In Mago4 all the technical resources are available on a single comprehensive application platform, which allows you to benefit from a comprehensive set of ERP applications, whether your Company has simple needs of management of notes and invoices, or should it address issues of production planning, with supreme requirements to audit the corporate strategic framework.

Mago4 is a modular, flexible and extensible software, able to scale in order to better suit the real needs of your company.

With Mago4 you can compose a really tailored solution and enable always new features to support the progress of your business.

Do you want to know more good reasons to shift to Mago4? Follow our blog and discover them all!

10 reasons to move to Mago4 - 6th

Your Mago4 ERP adopts a flexible delivery model to meet everyone's needs.

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In the moment you decide to adopt a new technology for your business, you need maximum flexibility.

This is why Mago4 made a step further also in distribution methods.

With Mago4 you can choose the delivery model that best suits your business, whatever it is: Mago4 adopts an elastic model, able to adapt quickly to changing business needs.

Choose between the different modes of delivery of Mago4: the classic activation Licensing On Premise or Pay Per Use, is now flanked by the mode of installation on a server farm: Cloud For Mago, Saas - Software As A Service & Paas - Platform as a Service. Please contact with confidence to your reference dealer to evaluate the most suitable and convenient solution for your Company!

As you can see, even with Mago4 the delivery mode is an advantage to be seized.

Follow this blog to stay updated and find out all the other good reasons to upgrade to Mago4.


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