6 month of Mago4's webinars

Between January and June 2019, the first cycle of webinars dedicated to the theme " Mago4 for digital companies" was held and aimed at users and partners. Here are the results of this very positive experience!

Edited by Marketing Department

In the first 6 months of the year, the appointment with Mago4 was "fixed": every two weeks, in fact, users, retailers and the Mago Business Assistant team met together in a virtual classroom to learn more about many useful and interesting topics.

The experience was a huge success, widely appreciated by the vast majority of participants. The numbers of these 10 meetings in fact speak for themselves: the total number of participants was 600, with a redemption of 73% with respect to registrations, variously distributed between retailers and end users of Mago4.

The most appreciated topics were those discussed in the sessions related to the advantages of I.Mago in the administrative area, held in January, with a +140% of attendance compared to the average, followed by the webinar dedicated to production optimization with the Manufacturing of Mago4, which was held at the end of May and recorded a +133% of attendance and, to close our "top 3", the meeting dedicated to the control and monitoring of business costs in mid-April, with a good +118%.

The results have been very positive not only with regard to the content phase, but also with regard to the performance supporting the online sessions; the best evaluations relate to the choice of content and the expertise of the speakers. The topics of the webinars were considered excellent by 78% of users and good by 20%, while 90% considered the speaker's speech to be excellent.

The interest of many participants in specific issues covered by online demos should be noted: many feedback of appreciation of this activity on specific topics has been provided.

If you have not been able to participate in any of the webinars, don't worry: every meeting has been recorded, so that you can always use the video by downloading it from the Private Area and from MyZucchetti portal.

Your opinion counts a lot and the continuous feedback, together with the dialogue between the Team, Resellers and Users pushes to do better and better. The collection of feedback data was in fact the tool that allowed to "sum up" and started a further planning: given the success of the first edition, the activity of periodic webinars will be proposed again for another six months, to deepen many other features of great interest to the ERP Mago4.

But there's a big news: by taking part in the online survey, you can choose which topics to deal with during the next appointments! Participating is really easy: vote on the topics you prefer by following this linkand expressing your preferences. Remember: you have 15 days from the publication date to vote!

As soon as we have collected the data, we will start the calendar of meetings and as always you will be reached by the invitation from Zucchetti, followed by instructions to participate in the webinars.

What are you waiting for? Express your interest now ... we are waiting for you in the classroom!

19 December 2017


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As usual, at the end of the year we draw up our conclusions... in wishing everyone happy holidays, here are the Mago4 numbers for 2017.

Edited by Marketing Department

During the year that is about to end, Mago4 has evolved in many ways: with 9 product updates, including 3 major releases and 6 service packs, the total is over 420 improvements in all functional areas...more than one a day, in practice!

Generally speaking,the Administrative area has been up-to-date, as is mandatory, with the regulations of the various countries localized by Mago4 ERP. Moreover, the past year saw the birth of new features implementations and advanced tools for Logistics and Manufacturing, reporting tools and the "core" development of your ERP.

Mago4 flexibility has played a role on the international markets, making the business management increasingly performant on multiple scenarios; furthermore, the philosophy of development aimed at constant updating has guaranteed for 2017 something like 130 functional improvements on the product, specifically targeted to localizations.

Mago4 certainly does not stop here! Also for next year your ERP has many new features planned: so it's time to renew the 2018 appointment on this same blog, taking the opportunity to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

15 December 2017


Release 2.0 of Mago4

From the beginning of the month the 2.0 release of Mago4 is available, with improvements in every functional sector and a step towards the future ... in the cloud.

Edited by Marketing Department

The main innovations introduced by the release 2.0 of your ERP Mago4, as well as the minor interventions, concern all the functional areas, and the menu.

In the Financials area, for the Romania localization, Mago4 introduces the management of issued checks and promissory notes, with which it is possible to pay suppliers. This issuing procedure allows not only to issue one or more checks or promissory notes, but also to use previously created blank checks / promissory notes, or to transfer a check / promissory note received from a customer to a supplier.

The Logistics introduces the reading of variable weight barcodes, useful for managing codes that also contain a variable weight / price. The forms are now available in language, with tabulated shipping information and description based on the reference dictionary. In addition, Mago4 makes available to all countries a specific Lots traceability report, to highlight expiring articles.

There are also many innovations in the Manufacturing area: from the possibility of loading on intermediate routings steps, to selecting the withdrawal deposit for a particular component, up to the setting of a Scrap and Second rate default code, going through the improvement of subcontracting, the progress of work phases and the management of the accounting type in production in Romanian localization.

In this trend lies the main value of the new Mago4 ERP release: it represents a sort of bridge to the future of Mago4 in the cloud, thanks to a technologically advanced reinterpretation for many M4 suite tools. An approach that provides a back-end technology oriented to the cloud, which will follow in the next releases, while still maintaining the philosophy and compatibility of the desktop tool. In this evolution, all the tools with which you are equipped follow you, breaking down previous constraints and bringing new management objects.

To learn more, you can consult the release notes of the new version of Mago4; remember that, as always, it is also available all the support provided by the Help Center.

Close Up

The Mago4 Manufacturing area offers several opportunities to work with planning features that allow the management of different analysis sets: today, one more than yesterday.

By Daniele Salvatore - Edited by Marketing Department

As you know, Mago4 has always managed an articulated and dynamic planning of manufacturing.

Whether you need to manage complex schedules, articulated through policies that maximize the amount of any production lots, rather than you need discrete aggregates over time, or that you should handle individual orders, Mago4 has the right solution. Your ERP, in fact, always allows you to keep track of every detail in terms of direct and induced movement of the materials and semi-finished products involved, proposing outsourced suppliers or planning internal production proposals.

In this way, you have everything under control and an overview of the choices and options that help you run faster schedules in order to manage simulations of possible scenarios to be met; you can rely on automatic orders, checked and proposed according to the needs arising from customer orders, production plans, sales forecasts or special stock levels and punctually set reorder points for each desired item in inventory.

In short, the manufacturing management in Mago4 does not impose any limitations and constraints: today you have a further enhanced flexibility in relation to the management of reordering point, that becomes "punctual".

Maybe you do not know, in fact, that you can choose to organize your needs and meet them according to a pre-determined amount that you can decide to be reached on a given date.

This is no longer a step-by-step integration of inventories when under stock or as a result of specific customers' inquiries: we are talking about a genuine material reallocation across the warehouse that operates extensively at a precise date, and only if necessary.

That's one of the plus of Mago4 Manufacturing: great quality of planning at 360 degrees, with multiple simulations of complex and articulated scenarios on the whole of your warehouse.

You can find out more about Mago4's Manufacturing features designed for planning by consulting the dedicated website page, or contacting your reseller for more information. If you want, you can also fill in the information request form: you will be contacted back as soon as possible.

case history serigraphy

Cutting edge technology and optimized business management with Mago4 ERP: the case study of SAC Serigrafia.

Edited by Marketing Department

SAC Serigrafia has been working for more than 50 years on a crucial aspect of products customization: it realizes high-end logos, resin labels, 3D labels and prints on materials using the latest technology in silk-screen printing. In its vast experience, it has developed projects for heterogeneous sectors, from industry to advertising, from automotive to furniture, not just to meet production needs but anticipating them with a research and development lab, and satisfying requests even afterwards, with a careful after sales service.

The company has relied on Mago ERP, first to achieve rigorous rationalization in the administrative sector, and then adopting the solution also for a more effective management of the commercial and manufacturing area.

The primary requirement of SAC Serigrafia was to optimize the management of orders and warehouse, while at the same time providing the most appropriate tools to analyze the company's sales and financial performance. In the commercial area, then, the need for SAC was to create a kind of common thread facilitating the traceability of all documents, from quote to offer, up to order. The productive sector also needed to monitor the processes in real time and at the same time to adopt logics related to Lean philosophy, which allows you to more quickly produce and contain waste.

With Mago, the company has found the optimal management of commercial, administrative and production phases, now integrated and homogeneous, and has been able to simplify the entire process: from the client's request (processed and translated into offer) to order billing, passing through the formulation of the budget and the management of the various production stages. I-Tech, the Microarea Platinum Partner which has supported SAC Serigrafia in the implementation of the ERP solution, has provided continuous and qualified assistance to make the company sufficiently autonomous in managing the entire process. I-Tech role has been crucial for smooth and sequential processing, from installation to data transfer to customization, in order to meet specific needs, providing complete training and assistance.

The main advantages that exist as a result of the full use of Mago are mainly identified when sending e-mail automatic, useful for supply modules (offer to the customer and confirmation of the order), which allows you to bypass the manual saving operation and the sending of the attached document, , sintetizzando il tutto in un’unica operazione automatica: synthesizing all in a single automatic operation: a considerable advantage in terms of time and reduction of possible errors. Another point of strength is the customization of reports: with its tools, Mago allows you to adjust all modules (bill, offer, quote, order, shipping document) to the needs of the organizational system of SAC Serigrafia.

SAC Serigrafia is just one of the many excellence cases supported by Mago, an ERP that is so flexible it can be used in a wide spectrum of business sectors. One of the best ways to know Mago, and understand how it can provide you with a specific solution to your needs, is to learn how the ERP software is used by other companies. The Success Stories you can read on Microarea portal are just a few examples ... if you do not find a suitable case for your company, contact us: our specialists will guide you to the best.

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Mago4 Manufacturing area offers various opportunities to work with punctual valuation criteria, meeting different companies' different needs and ways of working.

Edited by Marketing Department

In Mago4 you can always attribute a value to your warehouse goods, thanks to the choice of a wide range of possible valuation methods.

All of Mago4 warehouse functionality in fact allow an extremely complete investigation of the considered item that, depending on the needs - just to make some examples - can take a value on the basis of the last purchase cost, the average one, the standard attributed cost, the LIFO-FIFO cost of the year, or can even be inferred with punctual methodology. This value is also the basis for the integrated determination of production costs.

To speed up the management of the fiscal inventory and the computation of production costs, Mago4 proposes since its debut a global improvement of the entire management of punctual valuation methods, in particular the single-step LIFO-FIFO methodology. The logic of this operational streamlining emerges as a simplification of values and costs derived during the production cycles at the level of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials. From the rationalization implemented by Mago4, it descends a considerable advantage in terms of monitoring the correct production costs, even in presence of productions which require hierarchies with multiple levels of bill and designs of great complexity. This is entirely compatible with possible consolidations over the period that allow for the constant reorganization and redefinition of loading and unloading of the materials from the warehouse, thus causing continuous and necessary cost updates.

What are the most obvious benefits accruing from the management of production costs proposed by Mago4? Surely you will get significant benefits in terms of monitoring and management, but you will also benefit from high performance and algorithmic speed that, in daily practice, will result in a usable and firm work process. You will also find that the constraints are limited and that it is possible to have an automatic calculation flexibility, together with a subsequent recalculation that may be necessary.

Not only that: as you know, while in Italy it is allowed a simplified inventory accounting - which for example admits the use of average or standard value for valuation of end-of-year inventories - many countries (just think of Poland and Romania, for example) are obliged by law to use punctual valuation methods to ensure the management and maintenance of a real tax warehouse over the fiscal year. It is therefore evident that those who are operating on the global scenario will certainly benefit from the ERP Mago4's punctual valuation criteria, fully responding to the need to comply with current regulations.

You can find out more about Mago4's Manufacturing ability to streamline production costs, by consulting the dedicated page on Mago4 website, or contacting your reseller for more details. If you want, you can also fill in the information request form: you will be contacted as soon as possible!


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