invoice via email

Sending and receiving invoices with Mago4 is even more simple and prompt

Edited by Marketing Department

It is often necessary to send customers all the invoices issued during the week. In this scenario, the e-mail is certainly the most used and widespread way to send invoices, because it is a system that fits perfectly with most companies. Using e-mail, in fact, the invoices’ sending is immediate, as well as receiving it. Also, to be sure of the reception we all know that it is enough to select the option "read receipt" in the email or “give a call" to the customer in order to make sure that he actually received the invoice at the correct address.

Undoubtedly, sending via email is also the cheapest way ... and now, with the important changes introduced by Mago4 2.3.2, it also becomes more efficient!

In fact, the parameters added in the Massive Operations on Documents procedure of the Sales module satisfy a wide range of needs: Mago4 now gives you the possibility of grouping all the issued documents to be sent to the same customer in a single e-mail. Alternatively, you can also generate a single file in pdf format, saved in a local folder, containing all the documents processed and sorted by document number.

This new feature is very interesting for all those companies that usually send to customers all the invoices issued during the week, or even for those who use to print a series of delivery documents and send them to the storages to prepare the shipments. Those mentioned are just a few examples, chosen from the many opportunities that this new feature is able to offer.

For more information on this project of Mago4 2.3.2 you can consult the release notes in the Private Area on the Microarea website, or learn more about it into the Help Center.