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Mago4 Manufacturing area offers various opportunities to work with punctual valuation criteria, meeting different companies' different needs and ways of working.

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In Mago4 you can always attribute a value to your warehouse goods, thanks to the choice of a wide range of possible valuation methods.

All of Mago4 warehouse functionality in fact allow an extremely complete investigation of the considered item that, depending on the needs - just to make some examples - can take a value on the basis of the last purchase cost, the average one, the standard attributed cost, the LIFO-FIFO cost of the year, or can even be inferred with punctual methodology. This value is also the basis for the integrated determination of production costs.

To speed up the management of the fiscal inventory and the computation of production costs, Mago4 proposes since its debut a global improvement of the entire management of punctual valuation methods, in particular the single-step LIFO-FIFO methodology. The logic of this operational streamlining emerges as a simplification of values and costs derived during the production cycles at the level of finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials. From the rationalization implemented by Mago4, it descends a considerable advantage in terms of monitoring the correct production costs, even in presence of productions which require hierarchies with multiple levels of bill and designs of great complexity. This is entirely compatible with possible consolidations over the period that allow for the constant reorganization and redefinition of loading and unloading of the materials from the warehouse, thus causing continuous and necessary cost updates.

What are the most obvious benefits accruing from the management of production costs proposed by Mago4? Surely you will get significant benefits in terms of monitoring and management, but you will also benefit from high performance and algorithmic speed that, in daily practice, will result in a usable and firm work process. You will also find that the constraints are limited and that it is possible to have an automatic calculation flexibility, together with a subsequent recalculation that may be necessary.

Not only that: as you know, while in Italy it is allowed a simplified inventory accounting - which for example admits the use of average or standard value for valuation of end-of-year inventories - many countries (just think of Poland and Romania, for example) are obliged by law to use punctual valuation methods to ensure the management and maintenance of a real tax warehouse over the fiscal year. It is therefore evident that those who are operating on the global scenario will certainly benefit from the ERP Mago4's punctual valuation criteria, fully responding to the need to comply with current regulations.

You can find out more about Mago4's Manufacturing ability to streamline production costs, by consulting the dedicated page on Mago4 website, or contacting your reseller for more details. If you want, you can also fill in the information request form: you will be contacted as soon as possible!