report services at state of the art

A look at the job of the Reporting Studio Team, with a brief technical focus about the main features of the Report Service project.

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We have spoken in a previous post of the Reporting Studio team, when we suggested to stay tuned for more news. So, here we are now to present a new project, fully in line with the Digital Transformation and Digital Business guidelines.

Your ERP Mago and its development teams are always up to date; then the need for a complete set of prints and lists could not be overlooked. This is why Report Service was born: it is a web portal in which to run all your reports, that will be displayed in the most recent and widespread browsers, by single page application mode.

For those wishing to get a bit 'in the "technicalities", here are the main and innovative architectural features of the new Service Report:

  • Report Service is 100% backwards compatible on all existing reports. This means that all the reports made previously (both standard and custom) will be usable immediately, with no need to make changes.
  • Report Service guarantees 100% functional coverage: all the features of Reporting Studio are supported, under the sign of total usability
  • Report Service is also 100% integrable: it will be possible to use the reports developed with Reporting Studio, not only on Cloud, but in any web application
  • Report Service follows you 100%: it uses a technology that provide full support for interfacing with different databases
  • Report Service is 100% Cross-platform: the full operation on different operating systems is guaranteed

At the level of functionality, the new service is not far behind: through snapshots it will be possible to take actual photographs of the executed reports, including data. In addition, the reports will be even more significant, thanks to the two-dimensional charts that allow an even more immediate understanding of the company situation.

To learn more, continue following the Mago4 blog, where you can read all the news coming.