Mago4 Industry 4.0

Mago4 offers you the opportunity to join the tax incentives of Industry Plan 4.0 issued by Italian Government. Here is the Warrant Group compliance statement.

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We have already deepened (also thanks to a specific whitepaper) the project called Industry 4.0 Plan, developed by the Government to support Italian companies in the process of digitalization and robotization of manufacturing systems. In summary, the Plan is a tax break program to provide 140% super-depreciation on the purchase of machinery and 250% hyper-depreciation for technological assets related to Industry 4.0. It is important to point out that 4.0 technology benefits companies of any size: implementing the super-depreciation mechanism, the Government's Industry 4.0 Plan aims at evolving Italian manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 Plan is finding considerable feedback in Italian companies, bringing significant results for technological and digital innovation in our country, yet often we are led to believe that the new Industry 4.0 technologies are addressed primarily to large enterprises. This is not the case: with the new rules, SMEs, as well, can conveniently invest in innovation. Any company can enjoy the benefits that have been put in place, and it is not even necessary that purchases are completed by 2017: the deadline for the delivery of goods admitted to the benefits is extended to 2018, September 30, provided that by the end of 2017 the order has been accepted and paid for at least 20%.

There is more: Industry 4.0 does not mean just machinery. The law also includes 140% depreciation for intangible assets such as software, systems and system integration, platforms and applications related to business processes (note: the software must not be connected to a new device, but if it is used for its operation, it must be considered embedded and as such is equally promoted to 250%).

The range of software covered by the subsidy covers every possible application of the Industry 4.0 model. Here, then, many Zucchetti solutions have been declared compliant to Industry 4.0 Standard and certified by an important research organization in innovative technologies: Warrant Innovation Lab, the technologic spin-off of the renowned Warrant Group, which promotes the technological transfer process in a concrete way and supports industrial innovation. The collaboration with Warrant has clarified the main practical aspects of such measures in relation to the Zucchetti Group solutions.

Following the compliance analysis initiated for the Group's ERP solutions, it was certified that the three Mago4 editions (Professional Lite, Professional and Enterprise) fall under the category "software, systems, platforms and applications for managing and coordinating production with high integration features of service activities, such as internal and external logistics and maintenance (eg intra-factory communication systems, fieldbus, SCADA systems, MES, CMMS, innovative solutions with features related to IoT paradigms and / or cloud computing)", as a stand-alone software equipped with features necessary for the benefit. The analysis has identified the requirements for the subsidy in Mago4 manufacturing modules (production base / advanced, open orders, Bill of materials, manufacturing mobile, basic / advanced planning, variants, tools, configurator) and logistics modules (WMS Base, Advanced and Mobile), that, aiming to a rationalization in production and warehouse management, can therefore benefit of depreciation.

Not only. The ERP Mago4 is also rewarded for its integration capabilities: the extensive ERP I.Mago, the operating environment shared between Mago and the Infinity Zucchetti galaxy, is in fact compliant to regulations on depreciable assets into 4.0 Industry context, provided that it is joined to a Mago4 configuration including the above-mentioned modules.

It is clear now that the tax standards set out in Industry 4.0 plan are interesting for the ability to push innovation; it is important to stress that, in order to seize all the opportunities of the plan, it is important to rely on a partner that helps you in the innovation of your company and at the same time knows and selects for you the most appropriate solutions, also in function of regulations.

Thanks to its strong ERP experience, Mago4 is the perfect candidate to play this role.

To know more about tax breaks, you can visit the industry-specific Zucchetti website, contact your reseller or fill out the information request form.

Extra Deduzione Fiscale 2016

The 2016 Italian Stability Law includes a measure aimed to encourage investment in new instrumental material goods.

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With the introduction of the so-called Super Depreciation within the Stability Law in 2016, the Italian government provides an interesting tax benefit: a maxi amortization of 140% of the cost of goods for personal income tax (IRPEF) and tax on company revenue (IRES). The rule applies to companies and professionals who buy (or activate leasing) of new (or never used) tangible instrumental goods in the period between 15 October 2015 and 31 December 2016.

What does it mean? Basically, in order to define the tax depreciation, the price of goods is considered increased by 40%. So, if the buyer purchases goods for a value of € 1,000, the depreciable cost will instead be considered as € 1400, with obvious advantages in the distribution of the cost incurred (actually lower).

The Super Depreciation also applies to goods purchased before 15.10.2015, as long they have been delivered or shipped after that date and not sold before 31/12/2016. However the rule has not to be applied to goods with depreciation rates lower than 6.5%, to the purchase of buildings and constructions, as well as the purchase of specific goods in particular sectors.

Thanks to the improvement introduced by Mago4 1.0 SP2 you can fully manage this new opportunity within the Fixed Assets. Mago in fact allows you to record the extra tax deduction by entering a tax increment movement and mapping a new Extra Deduction asset linked to goods covered by the Super Depreciation. The system performs automatic checks on the correctness for its actual deductibility, about the date of purchase, the minimum depreciation rate limit, the type of purchase and the presence of other connected Extra Tax Deductions assets.

Furthermore, Mago takes into consideration that the 40% deduction is carried out "outside" Accounting (through a decrease in Tax Return form), so the amount of amortization calculated for the Super Depreciation should not be recorded in Accounting.

Super Depreciation management is just one of the improvements of the new Mago4 SP2: discover them all by referring to the dedicated section in private area.


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