CH Localization

The forthcoming release 1.5.2 of Mago4 will bring some important updates to the Swiss localization, aligned with the country's most recent regulations.

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As of 1 January 2018, VAT adjustments will be made in Switzerland; from that date, a partial revision of the VAT Act (LIVA) will also enter into force, entailing some changes in the tax reporting forms.

As a result of such updates, and in view of a constant functional alignment with the most current reality, new rates between VAT codes have been added in Mago4 1.5.2. In addition, default data have been updated, with changes in VAT codes, accounting models, and reporting data.

The update also applies to the various VAT statements that have been changed in order to print the amounts relating to the new VAT rates and are already ready for use in the 4th quarter of 2017.

Another update, always in Swiss location, concerns PVR management, i.e. the type of payment locally used to collect invoices: the files that have been used to import receipts to Mago4 will be replaced in 2018 by xml files. With its 1.5.2 version, Mago4 is ready to import the xml file of the invoices supplied by the banks on the basis of the expected standard tracks, then closing the entries and generating collection records into the accounting.

Both of these features are designed for the Swiss market, one of the countries where your ERP Mago4 is featured with a full functional localization. Mago4 is always aligned with local regulations and can adapt to the context in which you work, to support you developing your business wherever you are.

To learn more about Mago4 1.5.2, please check the release notes in the Private Area, on the Microarea portal, or contact us for more information.