Payroll Connector

A new connector is now available, designed to put into communication your Mago ERP with Omnia systems and Zucchetti Web Payroll

By Gianluca Caltabiano - Edited by Marketing Department

You know that the perfect communication between your Mago ERP and the products by Zucchetti is able to guarantee you 100% efficiency. That is why the range of connectors specifically designed to ensure dialogue between applications is constantly increasing!

Today we deal with the Payroll Connector, which was designed in order to adjust the Payroll Import procedure. In addition to incorporate the files generated by the payroll application OMNIA Zucchetti, you can now import also the files of another Zucchetti software: Web Payroll.

The Payroll Connector represents now a single tool that allows you to import both files created by Payroll OMNIA and by Payroll Web, and to generate the accounting entries concerning human resources management in the ordinary account, thanks to the use of appropriate parameters and models.

To let you better manage this specific situation, the Payroll Connector integrates the established procedure by putting at your disposal two additional parameters, that allow you to detail the accounting lines. You can also disable the Payroll Reasons that are no longer active, so that they are not proposed in Payroll models and parameters.

The new connector is available with Italian tax localization and requires Accounting module as the only precondition: you can thus view it in Mago simply by activating it as a module, directly from the console.

Thanks to the Mago Payroll Connector you have at your disposal an effective and complete, yet simple dialogue system. In this way you maximize the quality of information exchange between the payroll management systems you have adopted.