e-invoicing website

It's on line the new Zucchetti website dedicated to electronic invoicing

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Electronic invoicing is not only an obligation: e-invoicing represents an opportunity to save up to 80% on the billing process.

The most immediate and direct positive effect of e-invoicing is certainly linked to the streamlining of the procedure: companies increase their efficiency, accountants and trade associations can provide a service to customers. Remember that, while electronic invoicing to the Public Administrations is obligatory, in Italy the e-invoicing between private is encouraged through tax benefits introduced by the recent Decrees.

Relying on an experienced technology partner is crucial: this is why thousands of companies and professionals rely on Zucchetti to electronically manage the billing flow. Zucchetti's Electronic Invoicing software helps you to automate the entire process, from creation to digital conservation.

To help you choose the solution most suitable for your business between the different options, Zucchetti has recently published a website completely dedicated to electronic invoicing.

Please access to find updated information material such as brochures and white papers, explore the possibilities of integration, the benefits and the different types of services on which to rely on.

Visit http://fatturaelettronica.zucchetti.it .

19 December 2016


Website I.Mago

It is now online the website dedicated to I.Mago, that offers you all the information on the extended functionality of the application.

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As you know, I.Mago is the new extended ERP, born from the union between Mago4 ERP and Infinity Zucchetti, the web software suite for fully digital company.

The ERP Mago4 is in fact enriched by Infinity features in Business collaboration to foster communication, sharing and collaboration within and outside the company, Document Management to create a fully digital document library, and Customer Relationship Management to know your client, catalog them, carry out promotional actions and trace the related commercial activities.

I.Mago is available in four modules configurations, to suit your needs and grow along with your company: find them on the website.

In addition to all the features, modules and functions, on the website you will find everything you need to know about I.Mago, thanks to the availability of information and the gallery of images.

Find out your extensive, powerful, collaborative and digital ERP: browse now I.Mago website!

16 November 2016


new websites

In addition to ERP Mago4, also the TBS development platform and TBF framework have now their own dedicated web sites, available in the international version.

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Find out all the information, news and materials related to Mago4 suite on the product websites recently published!

On www.taskbuilderframework.com you will discover all the tools to manage the ERP resources according to established procedures, solid and deeply secure, optimizing and rationalizing the processes and ERP applications, and you will also deepen more specific topics such as those related to TaskBuilder Framework technology. Discover all the features, functionality and benefits of TBF, the application base created to allow you to develop new projects.

But that's not all: even the website dedicated to TaskBuilder Studio is online. The platform designed to create flexible and robust ERP and Business applications is introduced on the website www.taskbuilderstudio.com, explaining the benefits and giving a look to the architecture of the product. Of course it is not missing an insight on TBS platform capabilities, of which are declined both editions: TBS Personal and TBS Developer Edition.

Like www.mago4.com, both sites follow criteria of essentiality, relying on a cool and clean graphic, with information clearly available and the possibility to request more information at your fingertips.

Consultation is intuitive and browsing is pleasant and relaxing, even via mobile: the responsive web design adapts the layout to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have content and information within reach.

What are you waiting for? Explore all the websites of the product family of Mago4, discover its descriptions, advantages, features and technology!

Have good surfing on the websites dedicated to Mago4 suite.

27 January 2016



We are glad to introduce the new Mago4 website, entirely dedicated to the new ERP solution.

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Here's the news: on the product site you now can find all the information, news and materials related to your Mago4 ERP !

Mago4 is online with its dedicated website: visit www.mago4.com to find out new product fiunctions and explore the areas concerning description, plus, features, integrations.

The website is based on criteria of simplicity, adopting a fresh and eye-catching graphics. The information is made available clearly and functionally, and the request for additional information is always at hand.

The alignment to the latest web-graphic trends is able to give the new website enhanced accessibility, intuitive consultation and a pleasant and relaxing browsing.

Mago4 website is optimized for mobile browsing: the responsive web design adapts the layout to the environment in which the site is displayed, allowing you to always have on hand information and content.

The new website dedicated to Mago4 is entirely devoted to public access, but the restricted area is available at the usual path www.microarea.it.

Enjoy your navigation on www.mago4.com!


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