Summer break 2019

Mago4 and all the teams wish you good summer holidays.

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Summer, time for well-deserved rest and vacations!

All teams of Microarea and Mago4 wish users and resellers a pleasant summer break.

As for us, the offices will remain regularly open throughout August to ensure continuity of development, assistance and support on all activities, ordinary and not.

In this way we intend to embrace a dimension more oriented to global business on the operational level, eliminating the " Italian " forced breaks characteristics of the summer season ... It is no coincidence that Mago4 is the ERP Zucchetti with the most marked international mentality!

We just want to wish everyone a happy summer break!


30 July 2018


summer holidays

We wish you all to spend a pleasant summer vacation and remind you that our offices will be closed from 13 to 24 August 2018.

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As every summer wish you all happy holidays: during the summer break, our offices will be closed from 13 to 24 August.

During this period only the automatic services will be active.

See you at the end of holidays, and enjoy!

GDPR tools and data sheet

In Private Area on Microarea's website, a technical reference sheet is now available, concerning the processing affected by the GDPR regulations that can be set with Mago.

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As you probably know, an important date is very close: on 25th, May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force.

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, is the european regulation about privacy and data that will be operating in few days.

There is a lot of excitement around the theme and this happens for many reasons. First of all, as a "regulation", the GDPR has a general application, that is to say it is valid in all countries, and has direct applicability in all its elements. Moreover, its impact is really vast: the GDPR concerns the companies that manage any kind of personal data. For accurate and complete information we will refer to the text of the regulation in the Official Journal of the European Union.

And, since the data processing is also carried out with the ERP / Mago4 software,we decided to put at your disposal a data sheet that can help you set correctly the data protection policy, the processing carried out and the security measures implemented with Mago suites.

You can consult this form on the Documentation page in Microarea's website Private Area.


Summer break!

We wish you all to spend a pleasant summer vacation and remind you that our offices will be closed from 07 to 18 August 2017. During this period only the automatic services will operate.

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Microarea’s offices will be closed from 7 to 18 August, keeping active only the automatic services.

We say goodbye with a news: lately started a phase of further updating of Mago4's documentation. On website it is now possible to read and download the updated brochures of individual Mago4's modules in PDF format, in particular Financials Accounting and Inventory and Logistics areas’ modules (available to date in Italian Language, English is coming soon).

Also the other areas will be soon completed, this is a work in constant evolution. As well as for Mago4 website, we are working to keep simultaneously up-to-date the “Documentation” section also in Private Area of Microarea’s website, including all the solution’s news.

In this way it will be possible to have freely all complete and official information, always up-to-date!

Enjoy your holidays!

5 December 2016


Mago4 Ready for Windows

The ERP Mago4 has been included in the Microsoft directory that lists solution providers and software declared fully compatible with Windows 10.

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Microsoft has recently prepared a special website to collect and give visibility to the most popular solutions that are already fully running on Windows 10.

On the website Ready for Windows, Microsoft ISV partners can in fact certify their applications to be compatible with Windows 10, and business customers have the possibility to verify that the applications in daily use are certified to run on Windows 10.

Thanks to the availability of a list of certified Ready for Windows software providers, users can indeed run applications on Windows 10 with the certainty of being fully supported in this choice.

After the testing and validation process by Microsoft, the Mago4 ERP software entered by right in the Ready for Windows directory: you can thus operate with confidence on Windows 10, knowing that the ERP solution upon which you rely is fully certified in its Windows compatibility.

You can then rely on innovation, reliability and superior compatibility, combined with support for the whole life cycle of Mago4 application, through the widest range of devices and browsers, from a single development platform.

Moreover Microarea, the software house that develops the ERP Mago4, has been recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Partner Application Development thanks to its expertise and its constant commitment to provide services and solutions of the highest level based on the Microsoft platform.

In order to find out more information and view the directory, please visit the Microsoft Ready for Windows page.

1 August 2016


summer holidays 2016

Here it is the summer break schedule.

Edited by Marketing Department

We remind you that Microarea offices are closed for holidays between 8 and 19 August.

We hope you spend the vacation period to best, and we say goodbye with a news: on the website the documentation section is completely renewed! All the available Mago4 documentation has assumed a new look and, of course, is freely downloadable.

Enjoy reading, but above all ... enjoy your holidays!


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