Zucchetti for the leisure

Zucchetti solutions is starring in the project carried out in the leisure sector.

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Blu Hotels is an Italian hotel chain, since over 20 years an influential player in the leisure sector of the country. 31 structures are branded Blu Hotels, a name that since 1993 stands for quality and prestige. The offer, which includes resorts and hotels, aims to provide accurate services for the guest and high professionalism in the service.

To meet the needs of Blue Hotels, Zucchetti was able to design and implement a customized environment, creating a solution to manage all the Group structures.

The Blu Hotels chain needed a new flexible IT solution that can dynamically support its promotional system, managing Packages / Treatments designed for its customers.

The choice was Zucchetti TCPOS system, because of the benefits offered by the centralized solution, the scalability and the presence of a single data center to the provider chosen by Blu Hotels. TCPOS has been configured according to customer requirements, by implementing new specific solutions for the sector.

The main reason for the choice was Zucchetti's ability to place the solutions in different departments, but on a single platform, allowing centralized installation, maintenance, upgrades, and policies, providing tangible scale economies, facilitating controls and statistics available for the administration.

Finally, Zucchetti has been able to use a single installation in the DataCenter, supporting all the Hotel of the Group, with the added benefit to install many terminals in several hotels in a short time, and quickly align the new facilities, thanks to the widespread presence of Zucchetti throughout the Italian territory.

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