Good reasons to migrate to Mago4

Everything at your fingertips = everything under control. It is simple, is not it ?!

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In Mago4 data, information and objects are clearly visible and can be managed easily and quickly. Compared to, the menu items are greatly simplified, to help you keep everything under control.

Some examples can be seen in Administrative Area, where the rationalization of procedures results in significant benefits to the user both in terms of input speed and record control.

Compared to, also the reports are organized on video, to ensure control and immediacy.

Another new element introduced in Mago4 are the status - tiles, specially designed markers to keep an eye on procedures and documents in Supply Chain, Production and Accounting area. The tiles are status indicators graphically rendered as small progressive bars, that allow you to check at a glance situations like the progress of the articles to be produced, the issue and execution of orders, the management of credits, the status of documents, the events related to electronic invoicing, and more.

In Manufacturing area are now available specific reports and procedures for the material production, to know exactly where the material is located, both for external and internal workings. As for traceability, if in the article was originally available only in the area logistics and accounting, with Mago4 you can now trace it even starting from the production documents.

Advantages do not end there: the simplification carried out by shifting from to Mago4 is crucial not only to lighten operations, but also to have everything under control.

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