Mago4 is an open ERP that fits your needs, with the power of a suite.

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Needs differ by industry sector, they enhance and specialize while your company grows. For your ERP this has never been a limit. It would seem impossible to "do better", yet Mago4 is able to go even further, offering you a series of independent components designed to create and host custom solutions for your business and accommodate the third-party solutions that best meet your needs.

Thanks to the concept of technological upgrade and suite of integrated products, Mago4 allows you to do even more, and better. Mago4, TaskBuilder Studio and TaskBuilder Framework are indeed able, together, to cover all needs of development and business. By implementing the components of Mago4 suites, you have the opportunity to work with external applications, to open up to new applications or integration projects.

In Mago4 all the technical resources are available on a single comprehensive application platform, which allows you to benefit from a comprehensive set of ERP applications, whether your Company has simple needs of management of notes and invoices, or should it address issues of production planning, with supreme requirements to audit the corporate strategic framework.

Mago4 is a modular, flexible and extensible software, able to scale in order to better suit the real needs of your company.

With Mago4 you can compose a really tailored solution and enable always new features to support the progress of your business.

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