Mago4 Ready for Windows

The ERP Mago4 has been included in the Microsoft directory that lists solution providers and software declared fully compatible with Windows 10.

Edited by Marketing Department

Microsoft has recently prepared a special website to collect and give visibility to the most popular solutions that are already fully running on Windows 10.

On the website Ready for Windows, Microsoft ISV partners can in fact certify their applications to be compatible with Windows 10, and business customers have the possibility to verify that the applications in daily use are certified to run on Windows 10.

Thanks to the availability of a list of certified Ready for Windows software providers, users can indeed run applications on Windows 10 with the certainty of being fully supported in this choice.

After the testing and validation process by Microsoft, the Mago4 ERP software entered by right in the Ready for Windows directory: you can thus operate with confidence on Windows 10, knowing that the ERP solution upon which you rely is fully certified in its Windows compatibility.

You can then rely on innovation, reliability and superior compatibility, combined with support for the whole life cycle of Mago4 application, through the widest range of devices and browsers, from a single development platform.

Moreover Microarea, the software house that develops the ERP Mago4, has been recognized by Microsoft as a Gold Partner Application Development thanks to its expertise and its constant commitment to provide services and solutions of the highest level based on the Microsoft platform.

In order to find out more information and view the directory, please visit the Microsoft Ready for Windows page.