The next Italian legislation deadline for companies is coming. Here's how to get prepared on September 18, 2017.

Edited by Marketing Department

The new Italian Decree Law 193/2016 has introduced a new tax compliance. It is established that by September 18, 2017 each company will have to send to the Revenue Agency details of invoices issued and recorded, data on periodic VAT settlement, and other data such as customs bills and debt and credit notes.

Thanks to Zucchetti solutions, you have three different ways to fulfill these requirements.

You can prepare XML files on your own and send them directly to the Revenue Agency via the new Digital Hub - CADI service, remembering that you will need to sign your digital signature.

Alternatively, you can autonomously prepare the XML files by using the new Digital Hub - CADI service and, if you already have access credentials, upload them directly to the Revenue Agency website in the Electronic Invoice and Electronic Fee section.

Finally you can also choose to prepare the XML files independentely, by using the new Digital Hub - CADI service and deliver it to your accountant, who will manage the submission.

As you know, Mago4 incorporates the new Directives for VAT Analytical Communication and integrates with Zucchetti's services to meet this obligation; in turn Zucchetti offers you a new service of Analytical VAT Data Communication (Italian Cadi) and Electronic Invoicing, which simplifies the sending of VAT data to the Revenue Agency. In just a few clicks you will be able to meet the latest tax obligations!.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to ask for information: you will be contacted as soon as possible by a consultant.