New localization features

In the SP2 of Mago4 2.3 some important implementations are included for Germany and Spain.

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The Financials area of Mago4 is involved in some specific improvements for German and Spanish markets localizations, confirming the international vocation of Mago4 ERP and its adaptability to every context. As for Germany, the DATEV connector (which we discussed here and which is available from version 2.3, but only for data export from active and passive cycle documents) has been completed with the possibility of transmitting data starting from the accounting records, generating a CSV file in the format required by DATEV software. Therefore, you are now able to manage data export for all transactions of the fiscal year from Mago4 and their communication to the consultant, according to German law.

Regarding the Spain localization, one of the most important improvements of the SP 2 of Mago4 2.3 concerns the Intrastat module. In fact, only imports and exports of goods are managed with Spain localization: therefore, all the data related to the services requested in other countries have been hidden, information to be transmitted concerning the nature of the transaction, mode of transport, delivery conditions have been modified to show only typical Spanish values and, finally, a procedure has been prepared for the generation of the file according to the Spanish technical specifications. Mago4 2.3.2 also modifies the management of the payees. A special feature implemented in this SP allows you to calculate the amount of withholding tax on professional fees, based on the posting date of the fees themselves, rather than based on their payment date. This is because in Spain the withholding tax is due even if the fee is not yet paid: new fields and parameters have been introduced to update the expiry date of the withholding tax based on the posting date of the fee, and to generate the accounting transfer together with the posting of the fee.

In Mago4 2.3.2, many of the projects implemented in the Logistics area have important repercussions also in the Financials area, as in fact it happens for improvements concerning Spain and Germany. For Spain, a new feature sets the most recent Departure Date compared to the delivery note shipped in the Sales Invoice: this allows to transmit to the accounting documents the Operation Date (ie the Departure Date) that can now be used to transmit to the Tax Agency the data necessary for the compilation of the SII (Immediate Supply of Information on VAT). The Purchase Invoice has also been adjusted to bring into account the relevant dates (Operation Date and Tax Accrual Date) as required by Agencia Tributaria. The Operation Date is an information that in Spain is generally declared based on the activity carried out by the companies and on the basis of the moment in which the delivery note are invoiced. Moreover, in the Sales Invoice you can calculate the payment deadlines starting from the Departure Date; in this way it is possible to better meet the needs of the Spanish market, for which - in some product sectors - it is customary to calculate deadlines in this way.

The main implementation for Germany is instead a further improvement of the Skonto management (available from version 2.1 and discussed here). Sometimes it may happen that some items are sold at cost, or the cost of expenses is not charged to customers; therefore, with Mago4 2.3.2 you can decide not to apply Skonto on such items or expenses. To exclude items or expenses from the application of the prepayment discount, a new parameter has been added in Item Master Data, which can be set either on the Sales / Purchase Parameters or on a single document level, with important effects on the receivable management and on accounting posting.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that starting from Mago4 2.3.2 in the procedure of Massive Printing of Documents it is possible to create a single PDF for all the documents processed or to group all the documents of the same customer, sending them as PDFs attached to a single e-mail.

These are just some of the most important improvements dedicated to the foreign market. As always, to learn more you can refer to the release notes available in the Private Area on the Microarea portal. Remember that if you have maintained the MLU service, downloading the SP is free: if not, please contact your local dealer and discover the benefits of being always up to date.