invoicing packs

If you run low volumes of invoices and you have not the Digital Hub, you can purchase electronic invoice packages directly from Zucchetti Store.

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Are you a self-employed business, a professional firm, a small business? Have you to send electronic invoices and do not know how to do? You have exported the invoice XML file...and now? What to do?

Zucchetti offers to your business a fast and convenient way to send Electronic Invoices in a few clicks: the service of invoices packages, a system aimed at those who have not signed the Digital Hub service.

The invoices packages include both the sending and receiving: by purchasing a package 50, for example, you can manage(between Active and Passive) a maximum number of invoices corresponding to the value of the purchased package.

Thus, electronic invoicing is quick and easy; and that's not all! The Companies electronic invoicing service also includes the Zucchetti Digital Signature as issuer and the Digital Archiving as required by law, without any additional charge.

You can buy the package of invoices in full autonomy, with payment by credit card through Zucchetti Store: just register online and select the package of invoices that best suits the needs of your business. Furthermore, if you have the promotional code provided by your reference partner, you can have a number of additional invoices equal to 10% of those that make up the selected package.

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