Zucchetti interview

An interesting excursus into the history and projects of the Zucchetti group, including anecdotes, valorisation of human capital and new frontiers.

Edited by Marketing Department

In September 2019, the section entitled The Economy of the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera published an article dedicated to the Zucchetti Group. Alessandro and Mino Zucchetti talked about the company, between past, present and future, during an interview held in headquarters, in Lodi. During the interview some anecdotes and stories emerged, a founding part and testimony of Zucchetti DNA; a look at the future perspectives was not missing, along with the data on growth, impressive as regards the rate of recruitment and acquisitions.

The article of The Economy of Corriere della Sera represents an interesting moment of reflection, to trace the birth of the Zucchetti Group and to understand more and more the levers and the thrusts of its constant growth.

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