Publishing date: 5/30/2019

Mago & I.Mago arm in arm with Infinity 4.0

Are you ready for perfect integration? With the introduction of Infinity 4.0 there is much to discover. Many people know that Mago has an important and consolidated integration with Infinity Zucchetti to expand the...

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Localization Spain, the Fixed Assets module

A novelty for the Spanish market introduced with the SP 3 of Mago4 2.4 is the introduction of the localization of Fixed Assets module. In order for an ERP software to be defined as "international", it is essential that it is natively prepared to ...

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News from the zucchetti group: Wellness sector

Gymgest and Sportrick, the Zucchetti Group solutions for fitness and wellness centres 4.0. The Zucchetti Group presents its innovative solutions at B, the world's largest event dedicated to sport, fitness and wellness. During the fourteenth edition...

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