Publishing date: 5/6/2019

Mago4 2.4.2: news for passive electronic invoicing

Mago4 further improves the Electronic Invoicing process with a series of dedicated updates. The main topic of Mago4 2.4 service pack 2, is represented by the improvements designed for the Electronic Invoicing procedure, which...

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Mago4 2.4.2: new Descriptions in Language

Mago4 manages Descriptions in Language more and more easily! Over time, geographical limitations fade, distances become shorter and more and companies find themselves operating in a multinational market where different...

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Mago4 helps you personalize the documents' appearance!

Optimize your corporate image: the tools provided by the Mago4 development platform help you customize the reports. It often happens that even if you work very hard to add the details you want and pay attention to everything...

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economic growth

Zucchetti is between the "Super Champions" of Italian economy

An important territorial and national analysis on the evolution of the world of SMEs confirms the success of Zucchetti's organizational and business model. Zucchetti is classified among the "Super Champions" of Italian economy, that is, those...

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