Publishing date: 7/1/2019

Great results for the first 6 months of appointments with Mago4

Are you ready for perfect integration? With the introduction of Infinity 4.0 there is much to discover. Many people know that Mago has an important and consolidated integration with Infinity Zucchetti to expand the...

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Electronic Banking Germany

New features for the German localization of Mago4’s Financials module.Bank reconciliation is about verifying that the accounting records correspond to the data on the bank statement; in practice, this means...

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Mago in Spain with the Recargo de Equivalencia

Another country-specific feature Spain further expands the international reach of your Mago4 ERP. The ability to develop solutions to better manage taxation and a complete and continuous assistance on the whole management product are...

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With Zucchetti Italy scores the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Italy is already a technological leader in the next FIFA World Cup: Zucchetti will manage the security and access control of the stadiums. Zucchetti won the tender for the security management and access control of the futuristic Al Janoub stadium...

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