Any operation in your warehouse is simple and intuitive thanks to the management provided by Mago4 ERP software .
With Mago4 Inventory and Logistics management you can rationalize stocks, properly valorize the leftover stock, track any entry and verify item exact position, managing product price lists in a flexible way.


Mago4 allows you to rationally and efficiently manage the goods in storage and correctly handle the goods. Thanks to Managing Items function of Mago4 you can code both goods items and services, associating a large set of information. With Item Graphic Navigation you simply and practically visualise the most significant data related to the item. Thanks to Smart Code you're able to automatically construct both the code and the description of an item; furthermore you can code Units of Measure and also enter each single item with different units of measure. You can insert different types of prices and discounts to use in the inventory entries and manage the Kits composed by assortment of several subproducts. The Inventory entries can be used to perform any operation on coded goods regarding both the fiscal and the physical aspect. Mago4 allows you also to manage several Storages, knowing their overall value, available quantities and the value of each item. Thanks to Mago4 you valorise the inventory according to your favorite criteria and automatically generate the Inventory Adjustment Entries reconciling the real quantities with the archives.

Lots and Serials

The Lots and Serial Numbers module of the Mago4 ERP software unloads goods from the warehouse and automatically updates the Lots details, enabling a personalised management based on the company activity. Each item can be traced during its whole time in the company. You can use the supplier serial number or generate serial numbers with internal numbering. For each sale document you are free to decide whether to take material from one Lot alone or from different Lots, also according to the expiring date. You can mange Internal and Supplier Serial Numbers through sale and purchase documents and use the Serial code to search for an item in an easy, quick and safe way.


Designed to optimize stock and costs, the Warehouse Management System (WMS)  manages the receipt, putaway and entry of goods, and plans the inventory. Mago4 WMS is perfectly integrated with the other ERP modules, allowing you to navigate within all documents, ensuring you a complete tracing of the information flows. Fully configurable in mapping the warehouse, WMS fits any storage structure.
The entry management within the WMS environment takes place throughout Storage Missions, simple entries that do not cause any type of slowing down in the warehouse management. The receipt of goods addresses all organisational needs thanks to priority and stocking strategies that are able to determine automatically the optimal bin.  The management of the packing types meets all the needs in transfers, while re-organizing mechanisms plan the supplying of the picking zones and the daily operativity. Picking and packing procedures ensure simple procedure to be performed in order to speed up the operations and minimise the error risk, from sales orders fulfillment to bill of ladings creation. Periodic and continuous inventories allows you to keep under constant control the quantities that are effectively present within the storage.

WMS Mobile

Warehouse management on the palm of your hand. WMS Mobile is an irreplaceable help that allows carrying out, quickly and efficiently, all warehouse logistics operations. You can carry out loading and unloading, stock transfer, packing/unpacking and inventory with few... beeps. You just need to shoot on the bar code of the items, stocks and locations, with a handheld Wi-Fi Rfid device, or a simple barcode reader: WMS Mobile conveys the detected information in real time to the company database. The WMS mobile runs also in areas that are not covered by the Wi-Fi signal, saving data in the memory of the terminal and updating the company database once being under Wi-Fi area again or once the device is positioned back into its dock.

Barcode Manager

Thanks to Mago4 Barcode Manager and with the aid of a simple Barcode reader in keyboard emulation, today you need just a scan for the operations of loading or unloading of the goods. Barcode Manager allows you to use barcode readers to automatically identify all types of barcodes in any document (Orders, Sales, Purchase, WMS Documents): the optical reader sends the code directly to your computer. Barcode Manager Mago4 is in fact able to read and print all the information contained in various barcodes. Minimizing data entering from the keyboard, the system makes the documents filling more rapid and safe, resulting extremely advantageous in terms of usability and speed.

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