The manufacturing area functionalities of Mago4 allow you to completely manage the flow of production documents and correct handling of materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Modules and functionalities are conceived from the viewpoint of operating efficiency and organization of production processes.

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Materials is the description of a product expressed as a list of components and operations; with BOM you can manage the assembly of products, controlling costs.The BOM includes a list of materials and information necessary to carry out the work to get the finished product, closely linked to corporate resources and procedures contained in production cycles. With Graphical Navigation, BOM explosion and implosion, you can explore the BOM and get access to information; furthermore the module also manages an archive of mechanical design drawings and adds further details to item master datasheet through the technical notes. You can also rely on the BOM costing functions according to materials, working processes and ancillary costs. Thanks to Production Plan you can plan in a simplified way your manufacturing activity and you have the list of items to be produced in a certain period.


The variants can be used to produce and manage stock items that are very similar to each other, on the basis of a single BOM that groups together the common parts. The specificities of each item can be managed by defining the variants in the bill of materials. Through appropriate coding, you can specify which components or phases add, remove or edit to obtain the item desired, starting out from its prototype. Variants are associated with procedures of costing, production and sale option , in addition to viewing content with implosion, explosion or graphic navigation.


Thanks to the Configurator you determine alternative composition of a product, according to your production and business needs.
Mago4 Configurator helps your manufacturing department to define possible options for the creation of products, so that they are feasible in terms of production and cost-effective in a strategic / economic perspective; furthermore, it helps your company’s sales force to make an offer in line with technological constraints and offers the opportunity to confirm the price to customers. The configurator can operate starting from sales documents and supports the management of variant to price lists and the generation of new sales prices.

Manufacturing Base

If you mange a small-medium, manufacturing or chemistry company, Manufacturing Base provides you a production tool with high functional performance and low operating costs, yet very user-friendly. Thanks to Production Plan you simply plan the production activity; indeed the plan contains the list of items to be produced in a given period of time. The Production Order contains all the information needed to start up production activity and can be simply generated directly from the production plan.  Mago4 Manufacturing Base provides you analysis tools to support the Stock Management and Production development process, and check reports to analyse and verify the production “status” and control Estimated and Actual Costing.

Manufacturing Advanced

This module satisfies the production needs of medium sized enterprises providing them a simple, versatile tool that is at the same time full of functions. With the Control Panel you can graphically display production status and the documents generated. The Manufacturing Order is even more flexible and allows you to modify the list of materials involved and the work process cycle; the Picking List provides you with information about  the Lot Traceability and  allows you to know the related inventory entries. Furthermore you can control the Production development and the final balance of work processes. You can also manage  Subcontracting considering the outsourcer part of your own set of production resources, thus organizing the work cycles with maximum freedom. Thanks to Mago4 you manage also the unexpected, for example with the RollBack procedure that can be used to avert an erroneously balanced production order. With the Kanban procedure you can configure a less costly production.

Open Orders

As a manufacturer, you need to  dynamically plan the amounts to deliver in the short, mid and long-term: the Open Orders module of meet all these company requirements. Through the organization of information by Confirmed, Projected and Planned orders, you can plan the production volumes in advance, also to suit the line production capacities, but also purchase the materials in time. The degree of confirmation of the delivery date allows you to define what and how many slots of uncertainty have to be managed, in order to assist  the decision-making phase through customised visual attributes. With the Customer Contract you define the composition and division of deliveries, also for a  specific customer.  In this way you can define a univocal reference as well as the actual structure of the Delivery Plan. Thanks to the combination with the MRP planning you can be exploit all the benefits of production planning.

Manufacturing Mobile

Manufacturing Mobile extends WiFi benefits to the manufacturing chain: you can perform manufacturing confirmation using a mobile device. Thanks to the Production Loading you can confirm production just with your mobile device. You can confirm a second choice and a waste product, use articles variants, select an existing lot of loading or create a new one, enter further information about the process. With production Kanban reordering procedure, you are sure to have the Kanban items needed for manufacturing, real-time providing the manufacturing manager with all the information needed. Manufacturing Mobile functions can also suit to your specific needs: with guided procedure you can choose the selection grids of production orders to be loaded, which data are displayed in the form, deciding whether to make data editable or read-only, and if you want them to be mandatory or optional.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

With Mago4 MRP Planning you can optimize production planning. MRP procedure is flexible and effective and helps you in all the organisation activities to maintain stocks: you can analyze the current production and inventory status, sales and purchases orders, and items management policies. MRP ensures you that the right quantity of materials is available at the right time, while taking into account the constraint of minimising stocks. Thanks to MRP you can plan and fulfill the requirements for different kinds of material (Finished,Semi-finished and Purchase items), generating the related Manufacturing Orders and Purchase requests, and you can also choose whether to generate a Manufacturing Order or a Purchase Order according to the Make or Buy management.

Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP)

Simulating the projected workload for resources within a timeframe, Mago4 CRP module allows you to plan your production resources, suggesting the optimal start and end dates for production orders. You can set a calendar for each work centre where to indicate the working capacity for each day. Furthermore you can analyse the use of the production capacity according to the production commitments undertaken, considering  overloads and moments of underuse. The Load histograms allow you to analyse the work attributed to the various work centres and to examine the composition of the load. With the module you’re also able to control the distribution of the production orders in their time placement and the delays in forecast deliveries, in order to pinpoint and manage them.


The Tools module of Mago4 ERP extends the functionality of Advanced Manufacturing, giving you the possibility to fully manage the various tools and measuring instruments, used for the processing in the production process. The Tools module provides you with instruments and procedures to automatically and quickly perform the activities of insertion, modification, analysis, maintenance and review, in full integration with the manufacturing process and keeping everything under control: the available procedures and management reports facilitate the monitoring operations of tools throughout their life cycle, together with the commitment monitoring, control and automatic updating of quantities or actual usage time. The tool becomes part of your production resources: you choose the methods of use, insert all the relevant documentation, verify the status of use and maintenance, all with maximum freedom of organization.

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